• Elizabeth Barger

    Advanced Placement United States History 

    Advanced Placement European History 

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    National Honor Society (Main Sponsor)
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Assistant Sponsor)
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    • Check below for information about APUSH and AP Euro supplies and what unit we are currently working on. 


    About the Teacher
    I have a Bachelor of Arts in History from Mississippi College and a Master of Arts in History from the University of Alabama.  I have taught U.S. history, World history, Psychology, and Government in the past, and this year I am teaching Advanced Placement U.S. History and Advancement Placement European History.  I sponsor a couple of clubs at MCHS. You can find information about MCHS clubs on the school webpage under Student Life. I organize the recycling program at MCHS. We would love to get you involved! This is my 11th year at MCHS, and I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.  Go Jags!


    AP Classes

    AP United States History (APUSH) 2023-2024

    • Currently in Unit 3 (1754 -- 1800)

    AP European History (AP Euro) 2023-2024

    • Currently wrapping up Unit 2 and starting Unit 3 around Fall Break.

    School Supplies:

    • APUSH: 1 1/2 or 2 inch 3-ring binder, paper, pencil, highlighter, 9 dividers
    • AP Euro: 1 or 1/12 inch 3-ring binder, paper, pencil, highlighter, 9 dividers
      • Please see Ms. Barger if you need any of these supplies as I do have a lot of extras.