• Elizabeth Barger

    Advanced Placement United States History 

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    About the Teacher
    Ms. Barger has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Mississippi College and a Master of Arts in History from the University of Alabama.  She has taught U.S. history, World history, Psychology, and Government in the past, and this year she is teaching Advanced Placement U.S. History.  This is her ninth year at Madison Central High School.  
    I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.  Go Jags!



    APUSH Classes


    • You MUST bring your workbook with you to class DAILY.
    • Be sure you review as you go as there is a lot of information covered on Unit tests.
    • Check Canvas announcements regularly for homework reminders and class updates. 
    • Makeup work is the student's responsiblity and can be found in the Extra Credit module on Canvas.
    • Extra credit is the student's responsiblity and is located on Canvas. 
    • Tutoring is provided at the request of the student, but it is only available as we go during the unit and not in the days right before the test. 
    • Your second (and final) test of the First Nine Weeks is Thursday 10/7 (A) and Friday 10/8 (B).

    What we are currently working on in class: Period 3 (1754 -- 1800) 

    We started in the late 1400s and are now in the 1700s. We are wrapping up with Period 2 and moving to Period 3 now. We are currently covering the Anglo-French wars of the 17th century and moving into the "Road to Revolution."