• Mr. Stanford


    Welcome to English II and/or  Broadcast Journalism.

    English II will still have a focus on grammar and literature but we will be working towards the State Test. Most information about deadlines and due dates can be found on Canvas. The calendar on Canvas will have many of the deadlines and students can find homework and deadlines posted on the front board behind my podium in the classroom. Some of the major and recurring deadlines are as follows:

    • Vocabulary Quizzes every two weeks on either Thursday or Friday. Followed two weeks later by a Vocabulary Test that encompsses all of the units that have been study up until that point.
    • Journals are due at the end of each term and will be the first grade of the next term. 
    • Literature tests dates vary depending on hour efficiently we go through lessons but typically are near the end of a unit, before progress reports, or near the end of a term.
    • More often than not students should be prepared to be quizzed on reading assignments given for homework. 

    About the Teacher

    I am Joshua Stanford. I am from Madison, MS and graduated from MCHS in 2005. I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2010 with a degree in English and a minor in Journalism. I have also earned my Master's in the Arts of Teaching at Belhaven University. I have high expectations of each of my students and know that they will continue to grow throughout the year.

    If a student needs additional help with a class of mine, he/she must make an appointment or let me know that they plan to stop by. I highly encourage my English II students to come see me if they have any questions on material covered in class or if they just need extra help. If a student neglects to inform me of their plans to come after school, I may not be around my classroom. Catch me before then and I'll help you.
    A Note to Parents
    I feel that it is a students responsibility to keep up with the day-to-day assignments. I update my class calendar each month on Canvas. Here you can find the important due dates (test grades and quizzes). If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. I will respond as fast as I possibly can.