• Science Fun Day Friday 20Science Fun Day Specifics Students will rotate every 5-6 minutes to science experiments facilitated by parent volunteers.  There are two groups. The first group (Dunaway, Mayo, Trammell, Harris) will participate from 8:00-10:00.  The second group (Lanford, Stanard,Jones) starts at 10:20 and will rotate to the experiments until 11:20. We will break for lunch from 11:20-12:15, so that parents may eat lunch with their student(s) Lunch will be provided for the parent volunteers.  The second group will reconvene at 12:20, and their session will end around 1:00. 

    Please view the 20 labs available on this webpage, and then:

    1. Choose 3 labs you would like to facilitate. (Labs will be set and ready to go when the parent facilitators arrive)

    2. Fill out the signup form on this page with your first, second, and third choice lab you would be interested in facilitating.

    3. Signup for the timeframe you are available to participate.

    Parent Sign-Up Form

    Mrs. Jones will email you within 48 hours with confirmation of the one lab you have been assigned.  Also included in the email will be directions for carrying out the lab, the science behind the experiment and video(s) of the lab to be carried out.