Computer Class:

    A beautiful, new computer lab opened at Ann Smith Elementary in January 2013. Computer classes have been added to student schedules to rotate with weekly P.E., music, art, and library classes. While computers have been used at the school for various activities and testing for years, the computer lab offers opportunities for our students to develop more complex computer skills.

    Students learn how to sit at a computer properly, surf the Internet safely, and improve keyboarding and word processing skills. Keyboarding is a fabulous psychomotor skill, which has to be practiced.  The students' brains have to be trained to interact with their fingers on the keyboard.  Starting this lesson early will ensure a lifetime of easy, effective, and fast keyboarding of their school reports and homework!  Learning life skills and putting them to use early is very important at Ann Smith Elementary.  Students also use educational websites that complement the students’ curriculum.
    ASE students are creating their own computer programs with loops and events.  They also write algorithms for everyday tasks.  By doing so, our students have the opportunity to learn critical thinking, logic, persistence, and creativity, which helps them excel at problem-solving in all subject areas.