• Sixteenth Section Land

    A new form (PDF File) has been developed by the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Secretary of State’s Office that allows leaseholders in residential subdivisions in Madison County the opportunity to exercise their “option to renew” as specified in their original 16th Section Long Term Lease.  This document will effectively extend the expiration date of the lease from the initial 40-year, or primary term, to the end of the additional 25-year renewal term and assist current leaseholders who are refinancing or selling their homes.   Please note that lease fees remain locked in for the primary term only and a new lease based on a current appraisal will have to be performed in order to establish rentals at the end of the initial 40-years.  There is a $200.00 fee, payable to Madison County Schools, associated with preparation of the document, and the recording fee to the Chancery Clerk.

    The following two web sites will assist you in locating 16th section documents for the Madison County School District. All documents are scanned and listed in land records at the Chancery Clerk’s office. You can also access aerial tax maps through the Tax Assessor’s link. 16th section leases and assignments are also scanned and available for view at the Secretary of State’s web site. Bid packets for all counties advertising agricultural and hunting and fishing leases are listed at the Secretary of State’s web site.

    Madison County Online Services

    MS Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman

    For additional information, please contact the Letitia Reeves, MCSD 16th Section Property Manager.

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