• Is my child ready?

    Age is generally the only criterion for children entering kindergarten.

    Students must be five years old on or before September 1. Although there is no other requirement for entering kindergarten, here are some common expectations for new students.

    Approaches to Learning
    • Is confident in ability to learn
    • Enjoys exploration and discovery through play
    • Expresses self through music, movement and art
    • Pays attention to task for short periods of time (about 15 minutes)
    • Persists with tasks even when difficult
    Social and Emotional Development
    • Plays cooperatively and participates appropriately in a group
    • Follows basic rules and routines
    • Demonstrates some independence and can separate from parents
    • Respects people and property
    • Begins to understand others’ feelings
    • Forms close relationships with children and familiar adults
    Language Development 
    • Knows many vocabulary words in own language
    • Uses sentences of several words
    • Speaks in a way that is understandable to unfamiliar adults
    • Follows directions that have one, two or three steps
    • Recognizes rhyming words and similar sounds
    • Recognizes familiar alphabet letters and knows the letters of his/her own name
    • Is interested in books/stories
    Cognition and General Knowledge
    • Identifies self by first and last name
    • Knows basic colors
    • Has awareness of self and family
    • Draws pictures of self
    • Knows that actions have consequences
    • Demonstrates problem solving skills
    • Names some numbers and counts to 10
    • Names basic shapes
    • Understands spatial concepts (up and down, inside and outside)