• Federal Programs Administration


    Federal Programs are those programs funded with dollars appropriated by the federal government for the expressed purpose of addressing high priority needs, such as high poverty rates, limited opportunities for certain services and other educational deficits. Three federal programs are administered through the Office of Federal Programs:

    • Title I supports supplemental services for students in high-poverty schools;
    • Title II supports class-size reduction and teacher and principal training;

    • Title III supports programs and services for English language learners.

    • Title IV Student Supports and Academic Enrichments.

    Each program targets specific areas of need, and each program has guidelines for using funds. For the most part, however, funds may be used in any way that supplements the curriculum and meets the needs to be addressed by a particular program. Our website represents another effort of the school district to keep parents and the community informed. We are always looking for ways to improve what we do. We welcome and encourage your feedback. Please take a few moments to complete our Quality of Service survey.


    Program Administration

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