• Madison Middle School

    Grades 6 - 8
    1365 Mannsdale Rd. 
    Madison MS 39110 

    Telephone: 601-605-4171

     Fax: 601-853-2254
    Website: madisonmiddlejags.com  Twitter: @MMSJaguars


    Dr. Doug Jones, Principal

    Assistant Principals:

    Dr. Shannon Green

    Jennifer Lovitt

    Drew Wardlaw

    Taylor Hildebrand

    Attendance: Robin Woody

    Secretary:  Shannon Lowry

    Data Entry:  Denise Powell

    Bookkeeper:  Sherry Comfort

    Records: Becky Covington

    Welcome to Madison Middle School:

    We are located in Madison, Mississippi, which is a suburb of Jackson, Mississippi.  Our current enrollment is 1,271 students in grades six through eight.  We consistently rank at the top in our state in middle school achievement scores.  Our latest rating is that of "Star School", which is an A rating by the Mississippi Department of Education.    Our students also excel in a number of extra-curricular activities, including mathematics, music, arts, and athletics. 
    We are proud of our school family here at Madison Middle School.  Please call 601-605-4171 if you would like to tour our school or need more information.  

    Madison Middle School Honor Code 

    Our commitment to the principles of Integrity, Respect and Responsibility, forms the basis of Madison MiddleSchool’s guidelines for student behavior. These principles weave throughout the school’s curriculum, in the classrooms, on the playing fields, in co- curricular activities and in ways that students represent the school in the larger community. To enhance our understanding of these fundamental principles, each student is requested to sign and abide by the Madison Middle School Honor Code. I am responsible for the following:
    1. Being honest in all my work and my interactions with people.
    2. Not cheating on a test or on a school assignment by using the words or ideas of another person.
    3. Completing all my assignments to the best of my ability.
    4. Respecting the physical and emotional feelings of everyone in the school community.
    5. Respecting the property of others. I will not damage, use improperly or destroy the property of another person or of the school.
    6. Using the property of another person only when I have permission.
    Students are expected to abide by the Honor Code and follow the guidelines of respect for self, respect for others, and respect for the community that are detailed in the student handbook. Just do the right thing.
    • A – Always do your best work.
    • G – Generate a positive environment at MMS.
    • U – Understand that other people’s personal property is not yours.
    • A – Accept others as equals.
    • R – Respect & Responsibility
    • S – Serve others as we would like to be served for the greater good of the community. It is the goal of Madison Middle School to ensure students are well prepared for success academically and socially as they progress toward graduation. MMS produces students who have a positive character, make good decisions, and are confident and self-motivated to achieve to the best of their abilities.

    Description of School:

    Required Classes - Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Technology, PE Elective, Other Elective 
    Athletics - Football, Basketball, Track, Dance, Cheer, Volleyball, High School Cross Country, High School Golf, High School Swim 
    Electives - Art, Drama, Spanish, Yearbook, Band, Choir, Gifted, Music, Theater, Creative Writing, Pathways (Gifted)
    Student Clubs/Organizations - Student Council, Jr. BETA Club, Technology Student Association, Math Counts, Pentathlon, Future Problem Solvers, Advanced Art 


    Total certified staff - 105

    Number of staff with a Master's Degree or higher - 58

    Number of National Board certified staff -  18

    Class Scheduling:

    An eight-period, alternating-day, split- block schedule format is used. Students attend six classes each day with four classes being attended for 94 minutes and two classes being attended for 47 minutes.  This allows students to attend their math and English Language Arts classes daily. (See Bell Schedule)

    Grading System:

    Beginning in 2010-2011, all Madison County Schools moved to a modified ten-point grading scale. The letter grade equivalents are as follows:
    A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 65-69, F = 0-64
     From I-55 take the Madison Hwy 463 Exit and go west for approximately 1.5 miles.  Madison Middle School is on the left at a stop light near the fire station.

    MMS Aerial