• Week of April 6, 2020

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 4/6/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Check Canvas for Distance Learning Assignments for this week!  We will begin reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  Please email me with any questions about your assignments.  We will have ZERO BLOCK this Wednesday, the 8th at 11:00 a.m.  ALL CLASSES MAY JOIN AT THAT TIME.  I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL THEN! 


    Love, Mrs. Shaw

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  • Week of March 30, 2020

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 3/30/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Week Two Distance Learning:  All assignments for this week are located on CANVAS.  Be sure to check there!  A Zero Block Class conference will be held on Wednesday, April 1 - 10:00 am -2:00 pm.






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  • Week of March 23 Distance Learning

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 3/23/2020 8:00:00 AM

    The assignments posted for this week are also uploaded on my Canvas Page.  You can go to the "Term 4 - The Outsiders" module and find all of the links and documents that you will need!  Be sure to follow directions!  You will be reading informational texts related to how we see ourselves so we can observe and analyze the dynamics of the characters from the novel!  I will post the full text for THE OUTSIDERS next week when I post the assignments!  

    Distance Learning March 23

    How you See Yourself TEXT SET

    How You See Yourself Answer Document

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  • Message from Mrs. Dew - 8th Grade Principal

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 3/22/2020 8:30:00 PM

    Attached is a video message from MRS. DEW!  

    Check the assignment postings in my class blog.  I'll be getting in touch with each of you during this week!  Stay healthy, be sweet to your parents, and make wise choices!  Love, Mrs. Shaw

    Mrs. Dew's Video Message


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  • 8th Grade Optional Non-Graded Enrichment Packet Week 1

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 3/18/2020 1:00:00 PM
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  • Week of March 16, 2020

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 3/14/2020 1:30:00 PM

    In light of recent developments concerning COVID-19 Coronavirus, school will be closed for the next two weeks for students.  Students will return to school on March 30, 2020.  PLEASE CHECK MY WEB PAGE FOR ASSIGNMENTS AND DUE DATES!  STAY HEALTHY AND WASH YOUR HANDS!  ~ Mrs. Shaw

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  • Week of March 2, 2020

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 3/2/2020 2:35:00 AM

    Monday, 3/2/20 

    • MavMark:  CASE 21 Review 
    • Writing:  Groups - Score example Benchmark Essays  

    Tuesday, 3/3/20 

    ELA CASE 21 Benchmark 


    Wednesday, March 4, 2020 

    MATH CASE 21 Benchmark 

    Thursday, March 5, 2020 

    8th Grade Science Benchmark 

    Friday, March 6, 2020 

    SKYZONE field trip 

    Reading:  Drama from Scope Magazine and activities 


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  • Week of February 10, 2020

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 2/10/2020 1:35:00 PM


    1. MavMark:  "The Story of the man who..." Determine standards for 14-17 [CASE 21 practice] 
    2. Should College Athletes be Paid?  RI.8.8/W.8.1:  /Introduce a claim/acknowledge alternative claims, and organize reasons logically  
    3. Review Formative Assessment from Friday (RI.8.9) Item Analysis 
    4. Rhetorical Appeals in Writing:  "Sell me this Pen"  
    5. Writing:  2 paragraphs stating claim and addressing other arguments about the topic "College Athletes" - Use Evidence – W.8.1 

    Tuesday, 2/11/20 

    1. MavMark:  "The Story of the man who..." Answer questions 14-17(CASE 21 practice) 
    2. Formative Review RI.8.1 - citing text evidence (4 questions)  
    3. Self-Revisions/Edits:  "College Athletes" constructed responses using MAAP rubric (organization only) 
    4. Groups:  "The Boston Massacre" [paired text] RI.8.9  
    5. Review "timed-writing" handout  

    Wednesday, 2/12/20 

    1. MavMark:  "The Story of the man who..." 18-20 (determine standards/questions) 
    3. INDEPENDENT:  TIMED WRITING:  ARGUMENT ESSAY (W.8.1) . 75 minutes (summative assessment) 

    Thursday, 2/13/20 

    1. MavMark:  "The Story of the man who..."  21 –22 (standards/questions) 
    2. The Trial of Sponge Bob Square pants (for the murder of Mr. Krabs  RL.8.1; W.8.1; W.8.9; SL. 8.3 and SL.8.4 
    3. Cite Evidence to support conclusions (RL.8.1) 
    4. Write arguments to support a substantive claim with reasons and relevant and sufficient evidence (W.8.1)RL.8.1; W.8.1; W.8.9; SL. 8.3 and SL.8.4 
    5. Evaluate the speaker's point of view, reasoning and use of evidence and rhetoric (SL.8.3) 
    6. Present information, evidence, and reasoning in a clear and well-structured way appropriate to purpose and audience (SL.8.4) 

    Friday, 2/14/20 

    1. MavMark:  Formative Review 8.1 (#2) - 4 questions – Mastery Connect LockDown Browser 
    2. Independent:  Reading Summative Assessment:  "Santorio/Santorio Thermometer" RI.8.9, RI.8.1 
      1. Writing Piece:  complete essay question on CANVAS to peer review (anonymous submissions) 


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  • Week of February 3, 2020

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 2/3/2020 7:05:00 AM

    Monday, 2/3/20 

    1. MavMark:  "Lady in Chief" - Determine standards and answer questions 4 and 5 (7 mins.) 
    2. Chapter 5-8 Vocabulary Paragraph Completion (L.8.4) 
    3. Review Formative RI.8.8 Item Analysis from Friday (3 mins.) 
    4. Writing:  W.8.1 - Color code parts of an argument essay (10-12 mins.) 
    5. K-W-L for (K for Argument writing) 
    6. "I have a Dream Speech" excerpt by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (youtube)  
    7. Pair/Share:  determine claims/reasoning - [ oral speech] 

    Tuesday, 2/4/20 

    1. MavMark:  "Lady in Chief" - Determine standards and answer questions 6-8 
    2. Formative REVIEW:  RI.8.9 "History and significance of Daylight Saving's TIme" [determine claim in two different passages and sufficient or insufficient evidence] 
    3. Small group writing conferences (MAAP rubric and 2019 writing scores) . W.8.4 
    4. "I Have a Dream Speech" . TP – CASTT strategy:  Small group analysis [compare written speech with oral speech]  W.8.1 
    5. Complete "W"  of K-W-L Chart:  What I want to know about argument writing 

    Wednesday, 2/5/20 

    1. MavMark:  "Lady in Chief" - Standards and questions 9-10  15 MINS. 
      1. SHAW RI.8.1 
      2. WATKINS RI.8.9 
      3. BOOKER RI.8.8 
    3. READ article from newsela.com [Super Bowl and Mahomes] 

    Thursday, 2/6/20 

    1. MavMark:  Read "The Story of the Man Who Did Not Wish to Die" - Determine standards for Questions 11-13 . (15 mins.) [CASE 21 Practice] 
    2. "Should Tik Tok be in schools or left at Home" Debate:  Scope Magazine February 2020 
      1. Read two letters 
      2. Determine claim(s) 
      3. Reasons 
      4. Evidence 
      5. Counterclaim 
      6. Rebuttal 
    3. Draft argument essay W.8.1 - using graphic  

    Friday, 2/7/20 

    1. MavMark:  "The Story of the man..." - Answer questions 11-13 
    2. Formative Assessment Review:  RI.8.9 - 3 questions 
    3. "What re my Dreams" Self Portrait:  W.8.4 
    4. Complete Argument Essay and upload to CANVAS 
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  • Week of January 27, 2020

    Posted by Lisa Shaw on 1/27/2020 7:05:00 AM

    Monday, January 27, 2020 

    1. MAVMark:  Chapter 7 Definition Map (15 mins.) 
      1. Vocabulary Words:  Crusade, advocate, snarl 
      2. Read Chapter 7 – enter information into Reading Log/Graphic Organizer 15 mins. 
    2. Whole Class Reading:  Poetry "If We Must Die" by Claude McKay RL.8.4  
      1. Use TP-CASTT (read through multiple times) to analyze 
      2. How people face death – making connections with Witnesses to Freedom (literature, art, history, and personal experiences) RL.8.1, RL.8.2, RL.8.3, RL.8.4 
    3. Pair/Share:  Discuss and respond to discussion questions related to poem "If We Must Die" SL.8.1, RL.8.1-RL..8.6 
    4. DATA TALK:  RI.8.1, RI.8.8, RI.8.9 
    5. Groups:  Review WINTER CASE21 Benchmark RI.8.8 Question #37 and #38 – Use Modified Bull's Eye technique 
    6. Exit Slip:  "Are Heroes Born or Made?"  Explain in at least 3 sentences, using evidence to support your claim from your own experiences or texts. 

    Tuesday, January 28, 2020 

    1. MavMark:  Chapter 8  Vocabulary Maps Independent  

    Vocab Words:  petition, The Civil Rights Act  (15 mins.) . L.8.4/RI.8.1 

    1. Read Chapters 8 and 9 Whole Class Read [15 mins.] 
    2. Discuss Exit Ticket Question from Monday 
    3. Review "If We Must Die" Formative/TP-CASTT 
    4. Review Standard RI.8.8 - WINTER 2019-2020 CASE Benchmark #37/ 38 (10 mins.) and  
    5. DATA related to RI.8.8, RI.8.1, and RI.8.9 
    6. Formative:  RI.8.8 (3 Questions):  delineate and evaluate argument and specific claims in a text, assess whether reasons is sound and evidence  is relevant and sufficient (15 mins. )  
      1. Review and discuss Item Analysis of Formative (immediate feedback) (7 mins.) 
    7. Kahoot it! (Review 5-8 Vocabulary review)  15 mins. 
    8. Work on Graphic Organizer (Reading Log) DUE THURSDAY BEFORE VOCAB QUIZ!   

    Homework:  Complete Self-Assessment Ch. 5-8 


    Wednesday, January 29, 2020 

    1. MavMark:  Read "Lady In Chief" from 2018-2019 Final Benchmark 
      1. Answer Question # 8 (RI.8.8)  
      2. Analysis of Standard/Verbs/Question/Answer - 12 mins. 
    2. Wednesday "Workouts" Rotations [20 –30 mins] 
      1. Shaw:  RI.8.1 
      2. Watkins: RI.8.9 
      3. Booker: RI.8.8 
    3. Groups:  "If We Must Die" by Claude McKay Discussion Questions – W.8.4/ RI.8.1/RI.8.3 (20 mins.) Groups construct answers and post/Class will grade responses (fist or five) 
      1. ...according to the speaker, how should a person face death..." - use details 
      2. "...social conditions of the era have informed the speaker's views on death and bravery..." 
      3. ...based on your experience, how do people face death..."  (personal, literature, art, history) 
      4. ...what does it mean to be brave in context of the poem..." - cite evidence 

    Homework:  Study for Vocabulary Quiz/Complete Graphic Organizer (Reading Log) All Chapters [1-8] . Upload to CANVAS!  

    Thursday, January 30, 2020 

    1. Mavmark:  Upload FINAL Graphic Organizer/Reading Log for "Witnesses to Freedom"  to CANVAS (5 mins.) 
      • Peer Assessment of Chapter 5-8 Vocabulary Maps (15 mins.) 
    2. QUIZ:  Chapters 5-8 Vocabulary Witnesses to Freedom (15 mins.) 
    3. RI.8.8:  Break down the standard and create two questions after reading passage: 

    Friday, January 31, 2020 

    1. MavMark:  Entrance Ticket:  Writing Prompt-  
    2. RI.8.8:  Formative Assessment:  10 question quiz (20 mins) 
    3. Writing:  One-to-one conferences (MAAP Writing Scores) -  
      1. Argument Essay Writing:  Model Essay 
      2. Focus Standard/What mode of writing/Key Words in Prompt/ 
      3. Handout:  "Key Words to Determine Mode" 
      4. Debate:  February Scope (Tik-Tok article) 
    4. FOCUS:  Argument essay organization 
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