Dear parents and students,

    I understand that these are challenging times for all of us.  I have been so privileged to teach each of you, and I will continue to work with you each day! 

    I will be available each day for students Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:30 to 12:30 and 1:30 to 3:30.  I will be glad to answer any questions through my e mail at bballard@madison-schools.com.  My Speech and Debate team may also reach me via REMIND.

    English I- Continue to use Canvas. 


    This week please continue reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  Please complete the Module for days 21, 22, and 23 (under the 3rd ninth week modules).  You should be reading the beginning of Act V, and you will find questions based upon Act V.  Please submit your answers through Canvas.  You all have access to the text/play online in Canvas, and you should have already downloaded the play when we did it within class.  Also, please continue to email me your Persuasive Essays.

    Last week March 30th to April 3rd, students continued reading Act IV  and V of Romeo and Juliet.  The questions for Act IV were due  by Friday, April 3rd.  You will find the assignment under Modules 18, 19 and 20.  This assignment is under Third Nine Week's Modules. 

    The week of March 23-27th, students began with the Sonnet Module-16 and 17 (under 3rd ninth week modules).  Students were asked to submit their work with Sonnets through Canvas by Friday, March 27th.  I extended the deadline.  Please let me know if you are having any difficulty!  I have posted a new link to the video.  Please copy the link regarding sonnets in your web browser to view!  If you experience any problems, please send your assignments through my e mail at bballard@madison-schools.com.


    Debate CCR -  This week, please read Unt One and Two within the Interp of Literature Textbook.  You will find this link on our new Canvas page.  Take the time to look at our resources on our new page!  Please continue to submit your Original Oratories, and let me know if you need anything!  These were due on or before April 3rd.  You may video your presentation and send it via e mail to bballard@madison-schools.com. You may also send it through Canvas. It may be helpful to look at some original oratory videos on the National Speech and Debate Association web site.  We are Resource Package members, so there is a wealth of knowledge highlighting each event!


    Oral Communications CCR - Please continue working on your persuasive speeches.  You should have all of the information, but please let me know if you need anything!  Remember, these speeches should be a maximum of seven minutes. These will be due on or before April 10th.  You may video your presentation and send it via e mail to bballard@madison-schools.com. You may also wait until the canvas page is up!

    I am creating and revising current pages as we enter into this new phase for Communications CCR  and Debate CCR. Please be patient as we transition! I will notify Debate CCR and Communications CCR students regarding the date that we will transition into Canvas.  You will have to download files, notes, view videos, and power points posted on Canvas. 

    I will be available to answer any questions via email:  bballard@madison-schools.com.  I will check my e mail throughout the day, and I encourage you to do the same. 

    We will have a great time learning!

    I can't wait to see your smiling faces on my screen!

    Bonnie Ballard


    It's A Great Day to Be A Titan!

     I am so excited to teach at Ridgeland High School!  The students, my peers, and administrators make Ridgeland High School a sensational place to work! 

    I am a graduate of Belhaven University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I have been a teacher for twenty-nine years, and I just love teaching! I look forward to inspiring minds each day!  Currently, I teach the following courses: Debate CCR, Oral Communications CCR, and English I.  I am also the Director of our nationally acclaimed  Ridgeland High School Forensics Team and our school-wide coordinator of Poetry Out Loud sponsored by MAC. I am looking forward to a wonderful year with all of my students!


    Bonnie Ballard