K. Liles


    Welcome Message

    Welcome to Math 7 and Compacted Math 7!  Math 7 includes all the Common Core Standards for 7th grade.  This is a rigorous curriculum that will well prepare your child for 8th grade math.  The Compacted Math 7 is an accelerated course that includes all the Common Core Standards for 7th grade plus half the Common Core Standards for 8th grade.  Students who successfully complete Compacted Math 7 will take Compacted Math 8 in the 8th grade which includes the second half of 8th grade Common Core plus all of Algebra I.

    Homework assignments and up-coming events for the week may be found on Canvas.

    About the Teacher

    I grew up in Smyrna, Georgia which is a suburb of Atlanta.  I taught in both Georgia and Florida before moving to Madison 15 years ago.  I love the people of Mississippi and teaching in Madison!  Roll Tide!

    Bachelor's degree in Education from Georgia State University.
    Master's degree in Middle School Math from Walden University.
    National Board Certified Teacher, Middle Childhood Generalist, 2000 - 2010
    24 years teaching experience. 

    It is a great privilege to be your child's math student this year.  Thank you for trusting me with your precious child and his/her math instruction.  I love mathematics and spending my days with young people.  My two mottos in class are, "Hard work always pays off" and "Math is beautiful!".  I hope your child will leave my room in the spring with a deeper appreciation for the importance of mathematics in their lives and will enter 8th grade with great confidence in their mathematics abilities.