• Fighting Falcons Susan S. Graben




    Fall 2017

    Dear Students and Parents,

     I am extremely proud of your students so far.  Your students have jumped into the school year with a great attitude and spirit about the school year ahead.

    Students are learning the process of note-taking, organization, close-reading and writing to the texts.  It is challenging and I encourage both students and parents to have our students to stay the course.  When they don't understand, I am here to help, as are your students' peers.  We are focused on 'what will make our students become career and college ready?":  succeeding on the ACT test, writing skills that will help in their professional and college careers, understanding complex text, and the producing and presenting their work intelligently and articulately.


    Parents, please encourage your students to attend school, focus on their work, while in classwork hard and stay motivated to excel.


    Thank you for your support and efforts.  This is the beginning of your future, students -- embrace it!!



    Susan S. Graben

    English III/English IV 

    The College and Career Readiness Skills will be implemented in our classrooms, throughout the Madison County School District. They are aligned to the highest international and national standards and have an increased emphasis on the following:
    • Reading more informational and complex texts
    • Writing to justify thinking and reasoning and writing for more authentic purposes
    • Advancing listening skills
    • Developing and advancing speaking and presentation skills
    • Assessing learning at higher‐levels
    • Collaboration