• Blessed     Susan S. Graben

                           School Year 2021-2022                                                                                                                   




    Students and Parents

    Welcome back to school!  I am really excited about this school year, as we have all of our students back in the classroom.

    For my Juniors and Seniors the ACT is going to be front and center. On October 5, 2021, all Velma Jackson students will be taking the ACT, so Parents, I ask that you please put this on your calendars, so that each of your students can power down their cell phones early the night before and be prepared for 3 hours of testing that morning.


    I need each student to be focused, so we can get Back to Business.  Many of you have not been in a face-to-face classroom setting since March of 2020, so I know it will be a challenge.  Many of you have also struggled because of the obstacles we faced due to the pandemic. 


    Your Junior and Senior years are extremely important to your success, so please know that I have extremely high expectations for each of you.




    Mrs. Susan S. Graben

    English III/IV