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                                                          School year 2018-2019                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                    March 18-May 10, 2019




    Dear Students and Parents, too!


    It is hard to believe that we are closing in on our school year.  Macbeth & Julius Caesar has entertained us with mystery and mayhem.  Shakespearean society certainly makes us appreciate our ability to speak our minds freely and openly. Our last 9 weeks will be significant, as we will complete a research paper and project that will help each of you tremendously. 


    Writing, writing and writing will be our focus: Research Paper, 4th 9 weeks.  Deadlines will be critical!  There will be no exceptions for deadlines except school activities or excused illnesses.  Honestly, with email and canvas, this will not be an issue either.


    The research paper is your grade this 9 weeks.  If you put effort into this paper and ask for assistance from me when you struggle, you can certainly make an A or B on this paper.  I have high expectations on your success; you should, too!  Please keep monitoring the Teacher Homework Blog, and I will continue to put in due dates on every aspect of your paper: Please review the 14 grades you will receive for this 9 weeks below:

    1. Title Page= Daily Grade : Due Date-3-21 and 22

    2-6. Note Cards = 1st set - 3-25 and 3-26, 2019

            Test Grade, other 4 sets-Daily Grades

    7-8.Thesis Statement=2 Daily Grades: Working Thesis statement and final thesis statement

    9. Outline= Test Grade

    10-11. Rough Draft (must be submitted twice: 1st Daily Grade, 2nd Test Grade)

    12. Works Cited Page= Test Grade

    13-14. Final Research Paper=Test Grade and Semester Exam


    If you miss any deadline, you will receive a '0' for that assignment, except for the reasons listed above.  Good luck and keep up with the process, and you will do well!!  Just 8 more weeks, Juniors and you will officially be Seniors.  And Seniors, 7 more weeks and you will be Graduates of Velma Jackson High School!! YaY!


    Mrs. Susan S. Graben

    English III/IV