• Open HouseBlessed     Susan S. Graben

    School Year 2020-2021                                                                                                                                 



    Hello Young People,

    Welcome to English III.  I am extremely excited about this school year!  I know most of you will be glad to get out of your homes and see your classmates again.  It will be a challenging year, but please know that your safety is our utmost concern.  The policies and procedures put in place are critical to everyone's safety and will be a serious aspect of your school year.  Our expectation from our students is patience, kindness, and cooperation each and every day, so we can get through 2020 TOGETHER.  We're going to take it one semester at a time, but we will rock this school year! 

    Mrs. G.


    About English III

    English III is a course that is focused on two things:  American Literature and ACT English/Reading Prep.

    I will not only teach you how to navigate these two parts of the ACT test, but I will help you to excel in them. The ACT test is all about strategy and pacing. The American Literature portion of this course is designed to coordinate with your U.S. History class to further your understanding of the texts you will be studying and using to prepare for the U.S. History Standardized Test that all students must pass in order to graduate from high school.