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    Welcome to the 2nd Term!

    During these 9 weeks, we will continue to practice concepts from the 1st 9 weeks while learning new, interesting concepts. These 9 weeks, for 7th grade, will concentrate on operating with integers and rational numbers( fractions and decimals), proportions and expressions; which includes calculating unit rates, identifying proportional relationships, using proportional relationships to solve problems, writing and simplifying algebraic expesseions. We will also study more about probablity and strategize to solve real-world word problems. proportion and probability were hinted in the 1st 9 weeks, so during these 9 weeks, we will go deeper into our studedy of those concepts. 

    For Algebra 1, we will be going further in our study of functions. In the 1st 9 weeks, we had a brief overview of functions and function families and a deeper study of the linear function. Functions to be explored these 9 weeks are: exponential, linear, and absolute value functions. Along with those aforementioned functions, we will study exponents, simplifying expressions as wellas rewriting expressions using the distributive property. We will also discuss literal equations and how to solve for  any variable in a given equation or formula, We will examine systems of equations and explore various methods for solving systems. Lastly, we will explore two variable data and how to model and perform an analysis on various sets of data.

    Also, during these 9 weeks, please look for some additions on the Homework page, such as a link to the weekly homework assignments. My "Watch and Learn" page will also be up during these 9 weeks for students and parents to use as an additional resource to study and complete homework. It will include videos featuring myself completing problems and explaining concepts done in class and links to other videos around the web to further guide students in their study of mathematics.

    Please be sure your child has these items: 

    Supplies needed daily

    • 2- 1 subject notebooks
    • 1- 1 inch binder
    • Loose leaf paper
    • At least two pencils (No Pens!!!)
    • Highlighter
    • Colored Pencil
    • Positive Attitude
    • The WILL to be better!

    Let’s work together to help your child have a successful year. Some things that can be done at home to contribute to your child’s success:

    • Make sure your child has comfortable and quiet area to study and do homework.
    • Check homework for accuracy and completeness
    • Express high yet realistic expectations for achievement
    • Encourage your child daily to do their best



    George Mitchell,

    7th Grade Mathematics/ Algebra 1

    Special Note:During the Thanksgiving break, Students will have a practice pack to complete that will be counted as a Major Test grade. Click on the tab fro Thanksgiving Practice for the set of problems students are to complete. Thanks.