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    Boosterthon has been kind enough to make a lot of their content free at Boosterthon's Website.   Once at their website click Register.   It will then ask for a code.   The code to get the FREE content is AtHome.   You can then create the account and watch the video content.  

    May 4th- End of School

    I got this idea from a video I saw on FaceBook.   Adela and I make a very short version of a Sidewalk Chalk Fitness Course.   Feel Free to make it as big as you want(I told Adela next week she could fill up our whole driveway with it.   Please watch the video below

    Sidewalk Chalk Fitness Video


    April 20th-May 1st 

    Yard Scavenger Hunt.   Get outside in your yard and find flowers that are growing in your yard.   If your parents approve, google to see what kind of flower it is.

    Do your Daily Stretch from the video.

    Basketball dribbling drills.   Dribble 50 times with your right hand then dribble 50 times with your left hand.   Dribble behind your back 25 times.   Dribble between your legs as many times as you can in 2 minutes.  

    April 6th-17th

    Daily Stretch

    Jumping Jacks -20

    Push Ups- 10

    Outside Basketball/Baseball/Softball .....My kids and I went OLD SCHOOL and made a tape ball.   I'm sure if you ask your dads or grandparents they can show you how they use to make them, but we use Ducktape.   Wad up a small piece of ducktape then wrap more ducktape around it until you get the size you want....we like ours a little smaller than a tennis ball.   You can use any bat you have around the house or even an old broom handle.  Play the game just like baseball except no need for a glove because the tape ball is not hard like a baseball.   HAVE FUN!!!

    March 30-April 3rd

    Daily Stretching

    Continue to stretch everyday.   We have been blessed with some beautiful Spring weather.   If we were in school we would be having some EPIC kickball games and enjoying the fitness equipment.   Go outside each day to exercise and ride bikes.   Remember to stretch each day to keep flexibility and get your muscles ready to play.    If your parents allow, look below to read about gardening.   Watch my 2 videos and send me pictures of the gardens you create.



    Here is a little Coach Lillis fact......My favorite Summertime activity is to garden!   I love it just as much as going on vacation or swimming.   I grew up on a small farm and my grandfather had a big farm and a passion for living off the land.   Even before I was old enough to drive, one of my summer jobs was to go stay with him during corn harvest and help him pick corn every morning then go sell it to people all over the county that didn't have farms of their own.   It was hard work, but so rewarding.   

    So for this week I would love for everyone to do some gardening.   Not only will you learn a new skill, but you may find a new hobby that will reward you and the dinner table.   I am posting 2 videos that show how we do our small garden here in Madison (I have 2 larger gardens I help with at my parents as well).  You will be surprised how much food you can get off a very small raised garden in your backyard.   We plant Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Okra, Squash, Zuchini, and Jalapenos.    Each year my daughters and I make over 70 jars of Homeade Salsa using our tomatos and jalapenos.   

    To start ask your parents if this is a doable project at your house.   If it is, you will need to have a spot to make your raised bed.   You can make the bed out of anything you have around home that will hold dirt in it (things such as old truck/tractor tires, landscaping timbers, bricks, concrete blocks......OR you can just til some ground like a flower bed.  Watch the videos below to get a little better idea of what I'm talking about.   If you embark on this project PLEASE send me pictures or videos of your garden.

    Video 1

    *My website can only support 1 Video at a time so check back later in the week for the video on how to plant the seeds.


    Below is Avery Grace's potato garden and Luke's Tomato and Jalapeno Pepper Garden.

     Avery Grace Luke


    March 17th-March 27th Lesson Plans

    First of all I hope all my little buddies are doing great.  I was looking forward to getting back to the final 9 weeks of school.  We had a lot of fun activities planned, but I feel certain each of you have a favorite game that you have learned during our time that you can teach to your brothers and sisters that may not be at our school(examples: knockout, homerun derby, battleship, sweep the room, free throw 21).

    As part of your PE activities for the week I would like for each student to begin the day with proper hygiene(brush your teeth and hair and wash your hands frequently throughout the day).   Remember to eat a well balanced breakfast that includes Protein and Fiber.   

    Begin your day with a good stretch!   Remember our stretching routine...get those hamstrings good and loose.   After stretching get your heart rate up.   Today was garbage day at our home so we walked to the road to get the garbage can and then we had scooter races in our driveway.   Then we played a 2 on 2 game of basketball.   If you have a basketball goal you can get a good workout right by yourself even if you don't have siblings.   Set up some plastic cups in different locations and pretend you are playing bean bag basketball at school.   Have a starting point and dribble out to the plastic cup and take a shot.   If you make the shot pick up the cup...If you miss, you have to dribble back to your starting point and start again.   
    Other possible activities include: Yoga, jumping jacks, riding you bicycle, simpling walking or jogging in your driveway.  Please be active during this time.   Your teachers will be sending you school work to complete, but your body also needs exercise and sunshine.  

    Extra Activity:   My family loves to garden!   So tomorrow each child of mine is going to build their own raised bed to raise vegetables this Summer.   Each of you can do the samething.    Just clear out a spot(THAT YOUR PARENTS APPROVE) and pick out all the weeds/grass then chop the soild up(I did this for my children).   We are going to be planting Squash, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Okra, and Jalapeño Peppers.    I would love to see some pictures if you have time to do this!   You can email them to my school email address blillis@madison-schools.com   

    Make sure to wear Tennis Shoe's to PE if at all possible.  THANKS!!   We are going to have a blast!

    About the Teacher

    I am a graduate of Mississippi State University where I majored in Business Education.   I am married and have two daughter's (Adela and Brilee) and one son (Kemper).   I am very active in the outdoors with hunting and fishing. I also love Mississippi State Athletics, especially Football!  If I can help your child in anyway please let me know.