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    About the Teacher

    I am a graduate of Mississippi State University where I majored in Business Education.   I am married and have two daughter's (Adela and Brilee) and one son (Kemper).   I am very active in the outdoors with hunting and fishing. I also love Mississippi State Athletics, especially Football!  If I can help your child in anyway please let me know.  

    Each day you come to PE we will engauge in a Physical Activity.   My goal is make exercising FUN!   We will learn new games that you have never been exposed to that will show you how to use your imagination to make up your own games.   We will also use a lot of games that you already know like Basketball, Football, Baseball and Soccer.  
    Make sure to come dressed to exercise on your PE Days(please wear tennis shoes if possible).   We will begin each day with a stretch then have FUN!