• Dear MAE families,

    Thank you for a smooth start to the school year. The students have adjusted to their new routines nicely and are ready for the academic rigor September will bring.

    September will also bring a few special events including our Scholastic Book Fair, Dot Day, Arts in the Classroom Week and our annual can food drive. Our AR program will kick off on Tuesday, September 3rd for 1st and 2nd graders. K parents, your students will begin our AR program in January. Our AR program is an optional incentive for our students to help them develop reading stamina, comprehension skills and a general love for reading to learn.

    Developing strong readers is very important to all of us at MAE. Because of this, we ask that all parents set aside time each night for student reading. This includes reading to or with your student. The research is clear. Kindergarten through second grade students want and need to enjoy great books with others. Students that are read to at home outperform their peers who have not been read to at home. The time you spend discussing great books or reading to and with your student will never be wasted. Thank you for partnering with us to ensure that each student develops a life-long love for reading and the reading skills necessary for future success.  

    Now that our lunch expectations have been established, parents are invited to join us for lunch each Wednesday and Thursday. We arrange for extra lunches and tables for those days to accommodate all of our extra guests. Please be sure to report directly to the front office when you enter for lunch or for any other occasion during the school year. We will ask that you sign in and wait for your student to meet you in the front office or lobby.

    Thank you again for all of your support this school year. If Mr. B or I can ever be of any help to you, please reach out to us. MAE is Where the HEART is, and it is our hearts’ desire to provide the very best educational experience for your student.



    Melissa Philley