• Dear MAE families,

    Thank you for your continued support this school year. The learning we do in the 2nd semester is vital to your student’s success. In addition to arriving each and every day on time, please ensure your child is completing all homework each night. Also, please ensure your child is reading at least 20 minutes each night.

    Research is clear. Students that read 20 minutes at home each night outperform peers that do not. If your student does not yet enjoy reading independently, please read with them. You can even take turns allowing them to read one page and then listen to you as you read the next page. Another option is for you to read a section first and then allow them to echo your reading the second time. Any type of reading counts. Books from your personal library, the leveled BAS books your teacher sends home, AR books checked out from the library, and online books from RAZ Kids are all great options! The reading you do with your child should be a fun activity. It is a time for you and your child to connect while you explore a title on their reading level. Please contact us if you have any questions about your child’s reading level or need additional ideas for reading at home.

    Thank you again for all of your support. February is a month dedicated to showing others how much we care.  Our hearts’ desire is to provide your student with the best reading instruction possible. Making reading a priority is one way we want to express our love and care for your child.


    Melissa Philley