• Dr. Melissa Philley




    Welcome to Ann Smith Elementary

    I am so happy to be a part of the wonderful team of teachers, staff members, students and parents here at Ann Smith Elementary. I can't wait to get to know every student at ASE. It's going to be a great year! 

    About Dr. Philley

    Dr. Philley photo Dr. Melissa Philley has a Ph.D. and Ed.S. in curriculum instruction. Before serving as ASE's lead principal, she worked in Madison County as a teacher and as an at-risk strategist. She has also served in the Oxford School District as a teacher.

    Dr. Philley has earned several educational certifications including an administration certification, National Board Certification and a gifted education certification. Dr. Philley and her husband Benjamin have two daughters, Libby Lane and Layla. Her oldest, Libby Lane, is currently a student at ASE. They also have five pets, two dachshunds named Pea Pie and Pinkey Pie, two cats named Goldie Rose and Tiger Lilly and a black lab named Chief. She and her family love Ole Miss and "Groving" with their friends. They are proud members of Broadmoor Baptist Church.