• Dear Parents and Students,

    After spending most of the last few days over many, many hours updating grades in Active Student/Active Parent and grading many past due assignments, I found out this morning that sometime between 10 p.m. last night and 8:30 a.m. this morning grades in Active Student/Active Parent reverted back to grades from approximately 3 days ago when the computers system had last logged grades from Canvas. This means that any assignments turned in late were all reverted back to grades from several days ago. It should be corrected by Friday and I will get everything updated as soon as I can. Please know that individual assignment grades in Canvas are correct but averages are likely incorrect in both Active Student/Active Parent and in Canvas.

    I have literally been in tears because of all the work the students, parents and I have put in to making sure that grades were updated and corrected. I promise that I'll get them all updated again as soon as I can and I will definitely NOT be setting up grades to sync anymore!

    I am hopeful that all the posted grades will show up correctly on their progress reports! I will make sure to send a message once I am sure that the grades have been corrected for good!

    Mrs. White