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    8th Grade Science 

    Middle and High School Archery


    Mr. Potts

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                                              Parent/Student Welcome Letter

    Welcome to Mr. Potts’ Science Class. I have the privilege of working with you and your child for the 2021-2022 school year at Germantown Middle School. I am very excited about exploring  the Sciences with your child. We will cover a wide variety of topics to include:

    8th grade- biology, earth science, chemistry, environmental science and much much more.
    Archery-fundamentals of shooting, parts and repair of a bow, parts and repair of arrows and physical fitness.  

    I do assign homework but not busy work. Please expect your student to bring work home that is necessary for them to succeed in this class and not just something to occupy their time or to be ignored. The homework blog is located to the left on this page.

    However, even if your student does not have homework he or she should review their notes almost nightly.

    I will follow the school’s standard grading scale and welcome you to keep up with your child’s grades by visiting our school’s website: www.madison-schools.com . 

    I have attached a list of procedures and rules that I expect each child to follow. This however is not my greatest expectation. As I explain to each class, my greatest expectation of your child is for them to TRY. I expect every child to give me their best effort in class. I have also attached links to the welcome packet that I will send home the first week for you and your student to complete.
    All extra help and make up work, tests or labs, will be given during zero block. If you feel your student needs more than the 45 minutes provided by zero block please email me and we can make arrangements to meet earlier.


    Mr. Potts

    8th Grade Science

    Middle and High School Archery Coach

    Germantown Middle School

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