Mrs. Patricia Bynum                                      




    WELCOME to our 4th grade class!

    We are going to have a great year. 


    About the Teacher:


    I love being at CES. I have many years of experience and I have taught everything from K-8 except 6th grade.  I have a Master's in Administration from Miss. College.  I have 4 great children and a wonderful husband. I also have two precious dogs, Shadow and Pooky.  I love teaching!  I look forward to a wonderful productive year with your child!


    Classroom Expectations: 100% is expected.  We set goals and work hard to reach them. 


    Classroom Discipline:   I have only one RULE in my classroom, DO WHAT'S RIGHT!  Rewards are given randomly for smart choices! Consequences: Silent Lunch, Loss of minutes from P.E, Note/Call home to parents.


    Classroom Homework: I use homework as a reinforcement of skills.  I only give homework on Mon., Tues., & Thurs. I do expect every child to complete their homework and return it promptly the next day.  Please check homework for completion and correct answers.


    I look forward to creating many positive memories with your child in fourth grade.  Thank you for sending me your BEST!!!!


    Patricia Bynum