Yearbook Overview

    Yearbook Sponsor: Kimberly Lane
    Journalism Instructor: Ms. Woodberry
    The VJHS Journalism/Yearbook Class produces three publications. The Velma Jackson High School Falcon's Nest, our print newsletter, is distributed monthly  to Velma Jackson High School students and also to community members. VJCNN (Velma Jackson Campus Network News), is our school television broadcast that will be aired weekly to students through the in-class televisions, will bring students up to date news around the campus. Flying First Class is our yearbook theme that features important events and everyday life around the school. Yearbooks last a lot longer than memories. Refresh yours by ordering a yearbook! On sale now for $30 before December and 40.00 after December 2012.
    Please feel free to contact the Journalism/Yearbook Staff if you need any announcements added to the Website or if you would like your business add in our 2014-2015 YEARBOOK ( 662-468-2531)