• Educator Preparation Syllabus


    Welcome to Educator Preparation! Educator Preparation (formerly known as Teacher Academy) is a high school course designed to attract students to the field of education. The Educator Preparation pathway includes classroom and hands-on experience that will prepare students for employment in the education field. 

    Educator Preparation is a two-year program, separated into 4-course sections, that explores an introduction to education. Upon completion of the program, students will have logged approximately 75 hours of classroom observation and participation in various elementary and middle schools around the district. 

    Course 1: Foundations of an Educator (Year 1, Semester 1)

    Unit 1: Program Orientation
    Unit 2: History and Trends in American Education
    Unit 3: Human Growth and Development
    Course 2: Practices of an Educator (Year 1, Semester 2)
    Unit 4: Diverse Learners
    Unit 5: Learning Environments
    Course 3: Applications of an Educator (Year 2, Semester 1)
    Unit 6: Career and Professional Development
    Unit 7: Instructional Planning
    Course 4: Progressive Practices of an Educator (Year 2, Semester 2)
    Unit 8: Instructional Technology
    Unit 9: Assessment Strategies

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