• LB Guynes

    Mrs. Laura Beth Guynes

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    My role in your student's education is a part of the Madison County Work Based Learning Program.  This program gives students an opportunity to start their world of work with advocacy.  The program hosts student internships, job shadowing, and employment throughout the school year to gain experience and reflect on their learning.  Madison Career and Technical services all four of our area high schools and this exciting program assists as a student is transitioning from high school student to college and career readiness.

    Personally, I attended all of my education in our Madison County School District.  It has been an honor to watch my hometown flourish and grow!  My years of experience have all been with our Madison County Schools and I have been able to work as a teacher at both of the schools that I serve to assist their Academy.  I am support staff for Ridgleland High and Madison Central.  My personal favorite part of education is knowing that students that I work with today will be the leaders in our community tomorrow.  


    Madison County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age or religion.