Career Pathways  


     Welcome to the Madison County Career Pathways Experience.  We have several different avenues for your student to choose from here at Madison County Schools. There are School Based Interns, Work Based Interns, and each of our schools have Academies that also have internships at the end of their programs.  Our program services all four of our area high schools.  We don't meet face-to-face each day, which makes communication via the use of technology paramount.  The students will learn to use technology to communicate with community workforce, stakeholders, and myself.  This is an exciting program to transition from school learning to career ready!
    Personally, I attended all of my education in our Madison County School District.  It has been an honor to watch my hometown flourish.  I have served for so many years that many of my students are active members in our communities.  My personal favorite part of education is knowing that these students that I work with today will be the leaders in our community tomorrow. We must prepare them for the next chapter.  
     Laura Beth Guynes
    You are able to reach me via my school email or school site number.