• Trish Rhodes [Pathways 2nd and 3rd]Vex IQ Robotics

    E-mail address:  trish.rhodes@madison-schools.com
    School Phone Number 601-898-7710 ext.1934

    Welcome Message

    Welcome to Pathways!  We strive for a qualitatively different classroom in which we focus on higher order, critical, and creative process skills necessary for your gifted child to reach his or her potential.

    About the Teacher

    I am an experience teacher, somewhat of a pioneer in gifted education.  I began teaching in the early 80's when gifted was relatively new.  I started out as a high school science teacher, and serendipitously found my way to the gifted classroom.  I love children and the gifted program. I am dedicated to the success of your child.  I want to inspire and encourage each student to fulfill their goals and potential.

     Please feel free to add your input or ask your questions!  I believe parents are a wonderful source for a successful teacher.