Morning Bell Schedule

  • 8:15 First Bell (GHS Students)
    * All GHS students are to report to their assigned weekly location until 8:45.
    8:20 First Tardy Bell (GHS Students)
    8:45 Second Bell
    *All MCTC classes begin
    8:50 Second Tardy Bell
    10:00 Begin Break #1 (Jordan, Kelly, McCraw, Slaughter)
    10:10 End Break #1
    10:15 Begin Break #2 (McPhail, Peets, Turnage, Walker, Wallace)
    10:25 End Break #2
    11:20 Dismiss VJHS Bus Riders
    11:25 Dismiss GHS Students and MCHS/RHS Car Riders
    11:30 Dismiss MCHS and RHS Bus Riders
    *When MCHS is on Activity Schedule, All MCHS bus riders will be dismissed at 11:05 and car riders at 11:10.
    *School-based interns will have break at the time assigned to their program teacher.