• Jamie Dickson




    "Poetry is the very quintessence of being."  --Shelley



    About the Teacher

    After foregoing a career in ice sculpture and full-contact gardening, I decided to teach English.
    Actually, no, that's not what happened:  I've been teaching since I graduated from Millsaps in 2001, and have loved almost every second of it.  My wife, Greer, is also in the education field, which frees up our summers for playing with our son, James, born in 2009. 
    In 2011, I finished my MFA in Creative Writing at Bennington College in Vermont. This led me to write my first book, Some Sweet Vandal, which was published by Kelsay Books in May of 2022.  I'll gladly sign your copy if you ask.
    I'm not the most important person in the classroom:  the students are.  Y'all are the reason I do this.  And the money, but mostly y'all.