mount vernon





    About the Teacher

    After graduating from Eupora High School, I attended Mississippi State University where I majored in Social Studies Education.  In 2004, I completed my Master of Education from Belhaven University and became National Board Certified in 2005.  In May 2020, I completed my Ed.S. in Educational Leadership from Belhaven University.  I am beginning my 24th year teaching.  In my spare time, I love to garden, read, and take care of my ducks and chickens.


    I am married to Matt Walker, of Canton, who teaches and coaches at Madison-Ridgeland Academy.  We have two daughters: Mary Tristen (11th grader at GHS) and Mattie Reagan (7th grader at Germantown Middle). Also part of the Walker household are 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a lot of ducks and chickens.  I am also in my second year of beekeeping.


    My reading blog site: https://www.mytinylittlefarm.com

     Fun Facts:

    1) I LOVE Les Miserables...maybe a little obsessed.  The novel is one of my favorites.  I have one chicken named Cosette and one rooster named Javert.

    2) M&Ms are my favorite! 

    3) I went to the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta where I saw the Dream Team play and Michael Johnson run. Also, I got to see the gold-medal gymnastics team at the basketball game.

    4) I have seen Hamilton three times (the Kennedy Center my favorite). Behind Les Miserables, it is my favorite musical. 

    5) Our dogs are named: Lily, Victor, and Roscoe (a Great Pyrenees)... our cats are named: Raquel, Timon, and Joann.  I am not even going to name all the ducks and chickens. 

    6) In 2018, I participated in the George Washington Teacher Institute where I got to stay on Mount Vernon's estate for a week (adventuring out at night and seeing the sunrise over the Potomac in the morning...pictures below).  It is my favorite place to visit.