Growing a Great Tradition

    Tim Shramek
    Athletic Director

    Germantown High School


    As we continue to build a great tradition for Germantown High School it takes dedication to purpose and a bold commitment to excellence.  This is an exciting opportunity for all of us to continue to deepen our tradition of integrity.  This tradition will be built through the encouragement and support of everyone in the Maverick family.  This is our one chance to make a great and lasting first impression.  In order for our children to become the very best that they can be, we will make it a priority to give our time, talents and support. Success comes through hard work and dedication. We will get out of this only what we invest into it.  The Germantown MAVS, with the support from the Germantown Administration would like to encourage all Madison County businesses and residents to help our athletic program become the best program in the state of Mississippi.  With everyone’s participation, we can plant the seeds and grow a great tradition that will impact not only our students and school, but the entire community and state. Our pursuit for the upcoming year is to raise sufficient funds to further enhance our program, the students involved and our community.  Please use this opportunity to be a part of this important endeavor.  Your contributions are tax deductible and we thank you for your support.  "GO MAVERICKS"