Our Volleyball start up plan has been approved.  We may begin our Phase 1 and 2 workouts on Monday June 15th.  Please read the MCS Guidelines for Summer 2020 Extracurricular Activities as well as our specific Volleyball plan.  Each player must complete and sign the Summer 2020 Extracurricular Activities Student/Parent Agreement. 



    1. Athletes must turn in their Student/Parent Extracurricular Activities Agreement before they can participate.
    2. Coaches must turn in their Coach/Sponsor Extracurricular Activities Agreement before they can participate.
    3. Athletes must bring their own water bottles, towels etc… and no sharing of any personal item.
    4. Head Coaches take assistant coaches temperatures and asks covid screening questions, an assistant takes the head coaches temperature and asks head coach the covid screening questions
    5. Head Coach will collect and keep the daily screening logs.  Copies of screening logs will be sent to the AD weekly for files.
    6. Each sport has hand sanitizer (at least one gallon jug) and will have it readily available for all coaches and athletes.
    7. All large areas, weight rooms, rest rooms, Gyms and Cafetorium will be sprayed down using approved disinfectant from 2 ½ gallon sprayers.  Each Head Coach has a 1 gallon jug of disinfectant using the recommended 2 ounces of disinfectant per gallon.
    8. Athletes will be in the same pods/groups with the same coaches each day.



    • Use hand sanitizer before/during/after workout.
    • Any coaches or athletes with positive symptoms (100.4 temperature or higher) will not be allowed to participate.
    • Reporting positive symptoms to the principal asap.
    • Same pods / groups each day
    • Restroom will be available for one person at a time.
    • Water fountains are off limits.
    • No spectators, parents, or former athletes are permitted at practice.  Only athletes, Coaches and School personnel are allowed.
    • Masks must be worn appropriately for group gatherings.  Masks will not be required during exercise or other activities that would not reasonably allow for masks. 
    • No student will be penalized for opting not to participate.
    • Failure to comply with this process or approved plans will lead to suspension of the activity, and staff will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


     MCS Guidelines 2020


    Volleyball Phase In Plan 2020

    Student/Parent Agreement 

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