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    I'm truly happy to wish a welcome to all students and parents.  I hope my class is a reaffirming experience that will enrich my students' learning.   Let's have a great school year!

    Mr. Dyson

    About the Teacher

    I've always been interested in science.  My first job was as a volunteer at the Jackson Zoo when I was in 9th grade.  It was those countless hours of observing animal behavior that probably inspired me to major in Biology in colleghe.  I've also worked for SkyTel, WorldComm & BellSouth/ATT in customer service, sales and team management.  In those jobs I was entrusted with guiding a team of people to reach their goals.  It is a job that I enjoy and hote to improve in every day.  I currently live in Madison County and I'm excited to be back at Velma Jackson for this school year.  

     Biology Syllabus