• Advanced World Geography Syllabus

    Advanced World Geography Syllabus



    TEACHER: Coach C. Meeks III

    ROOM: 134

    CONFERENCE PERIOD: At My Discretion

    E-MAIL: cmeeks@madison-schools.com



    The curriculum of World Geography focuses on two major points. First, students should develop the ability to use geographical information and understand and use map skills.  Second, students should gain insight and reasoning of the economy, geography, and cultures that influence our world, its countries, and its people.



    First Semester

                Unit 1: The World (Chapters 1-4)

                Unit 2: The United States and Canada (Chapters 5-7)

                Unit 3: Latin America (Chapters 8-10)

                Units 4 & 5: Europe & Russia (Chapters 11-16)

    Second Semester

                Unit 6: North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia (Chapters 17-19)

                Unit 7: Africa South of the Sahara (Chapters 20-22)

                Unit 8: South Asia (Chapters 23-25)

                Units 9 & 10: East Asia and Southeast Asia (Chapters 26-31)

                Unit 11: Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica (32-34)


    **Course outline is subject to change at teacher discretion. Verbal announcements will be made in class regarding course outline changes.


    Required Materials


    • Geography Book
    • Binder
    • Notebook/paper
    • Pen or pencil

    Assessment Rules

    ·         It is the responsibility of the student to see the teacher about missing work.

    ·         Cheating will not be tolerated and will receive a 0%.

    ·         Extra credit work will be given occasionally (I highly recommend doing it)

    ·         Students will be allowed 2 days per day of absence to make up missing work (homework, tests, quizzes, etc...)


    1.      Be READY.  When the bell rings, you should be in your seat and ready to work. This includes a good attitude!

    2.      Be RESPONSIBLE.  Bring all supplies everyday, do your homework on time, and always carry your load in group work.  Refusal to do work is absolutely unacceptable.

    3.      Be RESPECTFUL of all people, equipment, and furnishings in the room.  If a student damages any furnishing, decoration, etc. in the classroom or of a peer, the student will be responsible for replacing the item. Also, NEVER pack up before the bell rings. Wait for my permission.


    ** I strictly follow the school policy for referrals.  I count all tardies and take up all cell phones, iPods and any other electronic devices!!! I expect you, as a high school student, to follow all school and classroom rules.



    Students who disregard any of the expectations listed above should expect the following consequences:

                First Infraction: Verbal warning.

                Second Infraction: Student-teacher conference and parent contact.

                Third Infraction: Before or after-school detention and parent contact.

                Fourth Infraction: Administrative referral.

                Severe disruption: Immediate administrative action and parent contact.




    Grades will be determined as follows

    Test Grades/Major Grades = 60% of average (minimum of four per nine weeks)

                -Tests, individual or group projects/presentations, etc.

    Daily Grades = 30% of average (minimum of ten per nine weeks)

                -Quizzes, homework assignments*, class-time assignments, etc.

    Homework = 10% of average (minimum of four per nine weeks)


    Grading Scale

    90-100 = A

    80-89   = B

    70-79   = C

    65-69   = D

      0-64   = F



    Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  It must be picked up the day the student returns to school.  The student will have the same amount of days he/she was absent to turn the work in.  If the student fails to do so, he/she will fall under the late work policy. Tests are announced at least one week in advance; therefore, if missed, tests will be made up the day the student returns.  Additionally, any work that was assigned or due prior to the absence will be due the day the student returns. Tests and quizzes will be made up before or after school by appointment with the teacher.



    If a student does not turn in his/her assignment on the due date, at the beginning of class, it will be counted late. This is the Social Studies Department honors course policy.


    Major Grades

    -          1 day late: 30 points deducted

    -          2 days late: Not accepted!


    Daily Grades

    -          1 day late: Not accepted!



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    Advanced World Geography is a course designed for students who enjoy social studies, take good notes, and internalize large amounts of information easily.  While meeting the state requirements, Advanced World Geography is carefully designed to better prepare students for continued success in the College or University of their choice. This course aims to develop the student’s ability to view geography with a perceptive and open intelligence, and develop a balanced understanding of the interrelationships and uniqueness of earth’s cultures.


    Unlike the regular World Geography course, emphasis in Advanced World Geography is placed on creative thinking, independent research, and oral and written skills. Students go far beyond normal expectations of digesting the information in the textbook by reading more primary and secondary sources, writing more essays, analyzing and drawing conclusions from document-based questions, and using more critical-thinking skills. These are the types of skills they will need on the Advanced Placement exams in the coming years.  Students must be able to demonstrate preparation for college-oriented writing and thinking.


    I am looking forward to a tremendous year with you at Velma Jackson High School!


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