• Natalie Tackitt

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    Welcome Message

    Welcome to Algebra 2.  I look forward to this school year.  

    This is my 34th year of teaching. I have a degree in math education from Belhaven University.   I began my career at Murrah High School, then moved to Jim Hill High School.  I came to Ridgeland High School when it opened.  I have been married to Steve for 33 years and we have four children.  Adam graduated from RHS in 2009 and is the 7th grade band director at Gulfport Middle School.  Erin graduated from RHS in 2012 and Ole Miss in 2017.  She is an English teacher at Yazoo County Middle School.  Katie graduated from RHS in 2015 and graduated from Ole Miss with a major in Hospitality Management.  Sarah is a sophomore at USM majoring in music education.  

    March 2020 Update
    My students will continue to work on Khan Academy during our time out of school. There were several assignments posted the last week in February and the first week in March for 4th term.  When I open work on khan academy, I give the students two weeks to complete them.  I strongly encourage them to watch the videos and read the articles before they complete the exercises, quizzes, and tests.  They are allowed to do these as many times as they want to until they are satisfied with their grade.  This can be done until the due date.  Your kids are so smart and capable, they can do this work.  Yes, it may be hard, but do not give up.  
    My office hours will be 7:45 am to 3:45 pm.  I will be available to answer questions that your child may have about the work assigned.  They can email me, send me a message on remind or send me a message on canvas.  I get an email and remind on my cell phone so that is the best way for them to contact me.  I have to log in and check canvas to see those messages.  I believe if you call the school you can leave a voicemail, that will come through my email also.  
    I need all my students to be signed up for remind.  Please see the info below to get your child signed up.  Parents are invited to join also.  
    As always the Khan Academy work that needs to be completed is posted on canvas with the due dates.  I would like each student to spend no more than 45 minutes per school day or no more than 90 minutes every other day working on their math.  Some students will get the assigned work done very quickly and some students will take a little longer.  
    If your child does not have access to wifi, then they will need to call the office Monday, March 23 to inform the school about this. Could you also let me know that your child will be completing the work on paper.   It is possible to do Khan Academy on a cell phone.  If this is not an option, then paper packets of the work will be provided at the school beginning Tuesday, March 24.  
    If your child is experiencing problems with their MacBook, then they can come to the school between 1 and 2 to get help with this from a district tech.  If they have forgotten their login for Khan Academy, then I can tell them their username so they can reset their password.  I DO NOT have access to their password. 
    I need all my students to be signed up for remind.  Please see the info below to get your child signed up.  Parents are invited to join also.  
    Send a text to 81010
    There is a different code for each class, please use the code for the class you are in.
    For 2A text this message @tackitt2
    For 3A text this message @tackitt3
    For 4A text this message @tackitt4
    For 6B text this message @tackitt6
    For 7B text this message @tackitt7
    For 8B text this message @tackitt8
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
    I truly am very sad that I am not getting to be with my students during this time.