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    Welcome Message

    I would like to welcome you to my website.  My name is Ginger Joe and I am a Family and Consumer Science instructor.  If you are reading this you or your child is enrolled in a Family and Consumer Science course for the 2019-2020 school year. 
    Please know that I am eager to work with you and your child this year.  I enjoy students and teaching.  I care about your expectations as a student or parent.  I believe in an open parent-teacher relationship is the key to optimum student achievement.  Should you need to contact me the best way is to e-mail me.  My e-mail address is gjoe@madison-schools.com .  The schools telephone number is 601-898-5023. 
    A classroom set of textbooks will be used.  The books will not leave the classroom, but each student will have access to a book in class.  I will use these and other reference materials to supplement lessons. Additional information can be found in the course syllabus.  The grading scale for FCS classes 40% daily grades, 40% test grades, and 20% nine week test grade. 
    The students in the Madison County school district are very fortunate to have been issued a Mac Book this year.  With this privilege comes responsibility as well.  Please refer to the 1:M Rules and Procedure handout for the students computer guidelines in my class. Computers will be used in class therefore students are expected to bring them to class fully charged each day.
    All of my assignments are on CANVAS and can be obtained by going to that site. If a student is absent he/she can get the missed assignments by going to CANVAS.
    Grades may be viewed by going to active parent.  I strongly encourage you to sign up for active parent.  You can do this by going by the counselor's office.  Classwork and homework is kept up to date and may be seen by going to active parent or active student. The canvas site will be used for assignments as well.  
    If a student is absent from a class or needs extra help please let me know.  Students are to make up missed assignments.
    There is a lab fee of $10.00 for Nutrition and Wellness.  This fee needs to be paid as soon after class begins as possible.  If there is a problem with the fee, please contact the school office about a fee waiver.
    Again, I look forward to  working with you and your student.

    About the Teacher

    I am a graduate of Mississippi College.  Go Choctaws!!  I received a B.S. Ed. and a masters in guidance and
    counseling from Mississippi  College.   I have been teaching at Ridgeland High School since the school opened
    in 2002.  I love Ridgeland High School and am proud to be a part of this fine school.  I teach Family and Consumer
    Sciences here at RHS.  I am married and have 3 sons.  One of my sons,
    Edward, graduated from RHS in 2005.  Stephen, my middle son, graduated from RHS in 2010 and my youngest son, Peyton, is a 2015 graduate of Ridgeland High school.  I enjoy watching baseball, reading, cooking and being with my family.