• titans College Planning Timeline for Sophomore Year  titans


    ·         Study, study, study…..continue to improve study skills and work on your GPA.  Remember, it’s easy to bring a GPA down, but it is so very very hard to bring it back up!!!!  So studying and doing your homework is very critical to making the grades you want and the grades you want colleges to see.

    ·         Make sure you know exactly what is required of you for graduation.  You not only need to pay attention to coursework requirements, but you need to know the four Subject Area Exams you need to pass.  These exams are English II Writing and Multiple Choice, Algebra I, Biology, and US History. 

    ·         Courses that you choose to take…….students, choose your coursework carefully!  The courses you choose to take in high school allows colleges to see what kind of goals you set for yourself.  Challenging courses demonstrate to colleges that you are willing to work hard and stretch your mind.

    ·         Get involved in your school.  The more you feel connected to your school, the better your performance will be.

    ·         Start thinking about your future…..past high school.  It’s never too early to start looking at colleges and thinking about possible career choices.  It is important to research academic coursework required of you by colleges and universities of interest. 

    ·         CALLING ALL ATHLETES!!!!!............Athletes, if you have any dreams of playing Division I or Division II ball, you need to check out the NCAA Clearinghouse Website which is www.ncaaclearinghouse.org, to keep up to date on your requirements.  Most important is that you need to be taking electives that will be calculated into your “core” GPA.  This GPA is different than the one that our computer calculates for you.  It is very important to stay on top of the requirements you will need to be eligible come the fall semester of your freshman year in college. 

    ·         Update your resume or start one if you did not do this in 9th grade.  When applying for any type of scholarship you will need to reflect on what you did in high school so it’s an excellent idea to keep up with this year after year.

    ·         Sign up to take the PSAT/NMSQT test.  This is the “pre SAT,” which is an aptitude test that measures verbal and mathematical skills.   This is the test by which the National Merit Scholars are selected.

    ·         Take the PLAN test which is a “pre ACT” test that is given to all sophomores.  It is developed by ACT and the purpose of this test is to assess current achievement levels and to improve future academic achievement.  Information from the PLAN test will allow students to work on any strengths or weaknesses they may have.  This is a great opportunity for you to prepare for the very important ACT.

    ·         Visit the following websites to obtain great information regarding college planning and preparation for standardized testing:

    o   collegeplanning@esfweb.com

    o   www.fastweb.com

    o   www.mississippi.edu

    o   www.collegeboard.com

    o   www.actstudent.org

    Visit your counselor with any and all questions you may have!!!!  We know that the future can be a scary thing, and we are here to help guide you and help you stay on track in regards to coursework.  We can help research college information for you so that you know exactly what you will need to enter the college of your dreams.  If you choose to enter the military service after high school, we can also help get you in touch with a recruiter.  USE US, that’s what we are here for.