Starting Monday, March 23rd all Mississippi Studies coursework will be done via Canvas until further notice. If your household does not have internet access or a device that can connect to the internet, hardcopies of the work will be avaible for pickup at Olde Towne. Each week, new material will posted/printed for students. An online version of our textbook "A Place Called Mississippi" can be found using this link.https://www.cleveland.k12.ms.us/Page/3546

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me at sdennison@madison-schools.com M-F 7:30am-3:30pm


    Suzanne Dennison

    Room 217 



      Welcome to 7th grade MS studies and world geography!!


    *Students will study World Geography the first semester and Mississippi Studies the second semester.


    Supplies: Three ring binder for this class only, dividers, loose leaf paper, pencils, colored pencils

    Assignments: Bell ringers, projects, classwork, quizzes, tests, passports    

    *I do not assign any homework however, if you are not using your class time wisely and do not finish in-class work, you will be expected to finish it as homework and turn it in next class period.

    Grades: Your semester average will be calculated as stated in the student handbook. Make sure you have access to Active Parent/Student, so you can check your grades, average, and absences. WORLD GEOGRAPHY & MISSISSIPPI STUDIES COUNT TOWARDS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GPA!

    Food and Drink: No eating in class. Water bottles are allowed, but you are responsible for any spills and will lose your privilege if you make a mess.

    Cleanup: You are responsible for keeping this classroom the way that they entered it. When you leave if anything is on the floor, it will be thrown away. You must also make sure that your desk is in the correct spot and that there is nothing but the assigned textbook for your desk in the desk basket.

    Lunch: When walking to lunch you are to stand in a single file line and remain quiet the whole way to lunch. People who bring their lunch line up first, then people who are buying their lunch line up next. You have to be sure that you are silent in the lunch line, get everything you need while in line, and sit at the appropriate table without skipping any seats. During lunch you need to make sure that you keep your talking under control and stay seated during the whole lunch. When the teacher says it is okay to get up, the left side of the table will throw their garbage away and line up, then the right side of the table will follow. The two students who I will choose at the beginning of the week and post on the job chart, will then be responsible for sweeping and wiping off the table. This must be done and done correctly before we can leave. After lunch we will use the restrooms on the seventh-grade hall. Four students can go into the restroom at a time, the rest of the students need to be in a straight quiet line. Once you are done using the restroom you will line up along the side of the hall and wait for the rest of your classmates, so we can walk back to class together. No food is allowed to leave the cafeteria.


    1. Positive redirection
    2. Loss of privileges
    3. Parent contact
    4. Minor discipline referral

    If a student is caught bullying or putting their hands on someone else, they will be sent directly to the office with a referral and their parent/guardian will be contacted



                                              B - Be Prepared

                                              L - Learn Actively

                                              U - Uphold Excellence and

                                              E - Earn and Give Respect


                                      Remember to be BLUE. It's more than a color; it's our expectation!


    *See handbook for additional rules/procedures