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    Mrs. A. Callahan



    Welcome to my class! I'm so happy to have you in my class this year! This class is called "integrated" science because it is a blend of all 3 branches - life, earth, and physical. 

    General Information
          * 3-ring binder (You may share this with 2 other classes as long as you have dividers and those teachers don't mind.)
          * paper
          * pencils ( If you don't use a mechanical pencil, you also need a hand-held pencil sharpener.)
          * colored pencils or crayons
          * glue stick and scissors

     Binder Set-up - If you share my class with another class, you need to have a divider to separate the subjects. I would suggest having 2 tabs for my class - "Current" and "Past". As we cover a chapter, students will add definitions, notes, handouts, guided reading questions, etc. to the "Current" section.  This is what should be studied for the chapter test.  I do not give a separate review guide.   I will usually have a binder check before each major test for a daily grade.  You must keep up with any materials/handouts given to you in class. I keep a running list of binder check material in my classroom for students to help monitor themselves.  After we have taken the test, that material can be moved to the "Past" tab.

    Homework -  I expect my students to copy the homework assignment from the board in class , but it also is usually posted at the left under "Science Homework".  

     Tests- Tests are not on any particular days but depend on the length of time it takes to cover the material.  Because of the A-day/B-day schedule, students may have tests on Mondays.  Students should review over any new material covered the day it is covered in class.  Studies have shown that it helps retention to review new information before you sleep.  Parents, please be aware of upcoming tests and quizzes and help your child prepare.    

    Late work - I generally don't accept late work with the exception of vocabulary.  Because this is so important as study material, I will accept it late for a grade of a 70 (if completely done) up to the day of the test.    

    NM - If you see an NM when looking on Active Parent, this simply means that I have posted the assignment but not entered the grade.  Sometimes, I post a test assignment in advance as a way of letting parents (who might not be checking my homework blog) know about an upcoming test. This NM does not count as a zero.

    NG - I will enter a NG after giving an absent student time to make up missing work.  This does count as a zero, but I am pretty lenient about accepting "late" make-up work.  

    About the Teacher   

    This upcoming year will be my 28th year to teach with 20 of those at Olde Towne Middle School!   I graduated from Mississippi College with a degree in Elementary Education.  My first two years were at Mississippi State though, so I am a Bulldog fan.  My husband and I have two sons.  My youngest just got married, and my oldest will be getting married in March.  We have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 snake (our class pet). I enjoy gardening, knitting, traveling, and hiking.  I love science and hope to make it interesting for you!