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    Mrs. A. Callahan



    Welcome to my class! You can find homework posted at the left under "Science Homework".

    I have given all of my students a  list of classroom procedures.  You may want to look over this.

       Class Supplies:
          * 3-ring binder (You may share this with 2 other classes as long as you have dividers.)
          * paper
          * red pen or pencil
          * pencils ( If you don't use a mechanical pencil, you also need a hand-held pencil sharpener.)
          * colored pencils or crayons

     Binder Set-up - If you share my class with another class, you need to have a divider to separate the subjects.  I will usually have a binder check before each major test for a daily grade.  You must keep up with any materials/handouts given to you in class. I keep a running list of binder check material in my classroom for students to help monitor themselves.