• " A proverb that I live by is, "It takes a village". At Old Town that village consist of the students, staff, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community working together to reach our goals.  Studies and reports show that the most accurate predictors of student achievement in school are not family income or social status, but the extent to which the family becomes involved in the child’s education at school.  It is undeniable that parents who are active supporters of their children’s learning are providing them with the best opportunity for educational success.  Working together we can also benefit all students beyond academics and athletics but most importantly socially. With the support of the entire school and community students are more likely to take meaningful risk and learn beyond the context of the curriculum.  It is going to be great to work with the parents, teachers, community, and students after 2.5 years of transitions.  I am very excited to be able to meet many of you in person.  I’m a former educator and have volunteered in the Ridgeland Zone since 2010.  I began as a room mom at Ann Smith and have held several positions since then on each school’s board.  I found that my involvement in PTO allowed me to have a closer relationship to those exceptional educators that care for my children every day.  I know that not everyone has the time to volunteer.  There are easy no hassle ways to still help – registering to support OTMS with Kroger rewards, Amazon Smiles, box tops, providing resources or contacts. Follow us via remind, Facebook, and the old town website so that you can stay informed.  Join the PTO and if possible, become a part of the board because this year our village is in it to win it together.



    ToShunda Washington, President

    Old Town Middle School PTO