•           It's a great day to support the Titans!

    Welcome to  Olde Towne Middle School!  Parental involvement is crucial to a successful school.  There are so many ways you can become involved.

                What is PTO about?

    Many of the events that go on outside the classroom at OTMS are sponsored by the PTO.  Some of those include the Homecoming Dance, Holiday Havoc, assisting new students on the first day of school, Titan Timeouts, Field Day, providing awards for teachers and students.

                PTO is about Communication:

    Sometimes kids have a problem bringing home notices the way they should.  This can leave parents feeling like they are the last one to find out about special programs or events.  Joining the PTO will dramatically reverse the situation.  Instead of being the last to find out about school events you will be among the first to know.  We want to get the word out about our fantastic school.  We are responsible for getting news releases to local papers and media.  We use out website and Facebook page to communicate to our parents and community about the school.  Please refer to the OTMS website and OTMS PTO Facebook page to stay informed about what is going on at OTMS. 

               PTO is about Community:

    When we all work together on an event we are building community.  PTO sponsored events are a great way to get to know parents that share your concerns and passion for OTMS.  Research indicates that when families are involved, a child is more apt to get higher grades, be more likely to graduate, go on to college and have less disciplinary problems.  Our children love to see us in this environment where they spend seven hours a day.  You get to know your children's teachers and friends.  Being part of the PTO will, in most cases, make your kids very proud of you.  They may not say it to you, but every time something is mentioned at school about the PTO they will feel a sense of pride, knowing that their mom or dad or both were involved in a school activity.  Building community, helping your kids and making them proud of you at the same time is a great thing!

                PTO is about using your talents:  

    Many people who join the PTO discover how much in demand their special talents really are.  Adults who love to decorate, paint, organize, plan, recruit and play games will find that their willingness to share these skills is much appreciated by PTO leaders and the kids they represent.  The PTO can give you the chance to dust off some of your enthusiasm, sense of humor, showmanship and in cooperation with others produce activities, programs, socials, and fund raisers.  In the process you'll remember how much you enjoy doing all of these things and how much fun it is to do these kinds of special events with your kids. 

                 It's a great day to join the PTO.