Hello Everyone! My name is Shinar Riley and I will be your librarian for 2017 - 2018 school year. I received my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Delta State University, Master's degree in School Guidance from the University of West Alabama, and my Specialist in Psychometry from Jackson State University.  This is my nineteenth year working in Education.  I'm originally from Durant, MS and I currently reside in Madison county.  This is my third year at Shirley D. Simmons Middle School and I look forward to working to with you.
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    The following students met their AR goal for the first nine weeks:
    6th Grade:                                            8th Grade:
    Korea B.                                                Jakaja A.
    Caniyla B.                                             Shimya A.
    Tyshunti L.                                           Shawnquala C.
                                                                  Carsyn D.
    7th Grade:                                            Veonsha D.
    Shitez B.                                               Ashley F.
    Anasthasia B.                                      Kionna G.
    Lazzara C.                                            Laquarius H.
    Jeremiah H.                                          Chaderricka H.
    Ra'Kyaha H.                                         Ratavious H.
    Skyla J.                                                  Jaliayh J.
    Timorriyum J.                                       Jonquinette J.
    Octavia J.                                             Camellia K.
    Shinara J.                                             Jamonica L.
    Ciara K.                                                JNyia L.
    Khadijah S.                                          Alaela M.
    Quanzavius V.                                     Koria M.
    Amaru M.                                            Shekia P.
    Calvin K.                                              Jasmine W.
    Laila Y.
    Log into DESTINY to see what books are available for checkout.                                         

    If you missed the second chrome book deployment, see Ms. Riley on how to get your device.           
    Coming soon SSMS Spelling Bee (Date: Nov. 14)
     Current Words of the Week:

    *Weekly Words for November 13-17: 

    Monday = paralysis = loss of the ability to move and sometimes feel in part or most of the body

    Tuesday = fluorescent = extremely bright in color 

    Wednesday = opponent = a rival who competes against another in a contest, game, or argument 

    Thursday = handiwork = making things by hand or crafty 

    Friday = nausea = feeling of sickness in the stomach