• Physical Education at ASE

    In physical education, your child will learn about nutritution and ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your child will attend PE once every week for thirty-five minutes. I want to make sure that your child is the safest possible when participating in the activities and games that I have prepared. I ask for your cooperation in making sure your child has the right shoes for PE each week. Your student can benefit greatly each and every week. Always remember it's a great day to be a Titan especially at Ann Smith Elementary. Physical education at Ann Smith Elementary is set up as a fitness-based program as opposed to the more traditional (and rapidly becoming outdated) sports and game programs. The goal is maximum participation for the duration of the class with a minimum amount of downtime (e.g. rotating out waiting for a turn). Students exercise with gym balls, medicine balls, stationary bikes, a rock wall, and many other things in combination. Components of physical fitness such as strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, hand-eye coordination,agility and reaction time are emphasized. With these fitness components in place, most students have less difficulty learning basic sports skills. 
    Coach Tate and students!
     Coach Tate