• Updated Handbook Information will be coming soon; however, the link below will take you to the 2020-21 Middle School Handbook.







    1.     Put your backpacks and other materials in the designated area (backpacks on the back of the chair & lunch boxes under the desk).

    2.    Quietly bring ONLY ear buds/headphones, paper/notebook and pen to your workstation when necessary.

    3.    Be seated and working on your MAV Mark (bell work) before the tardy bell rings.

    4.    Read the board and check Canvas each day to check for important daily assignments/announcements.

    5.    Follow all student handbook rules.

    6.    Be prepared for class with all needed materials, also be alert and ready to work.

    7.    Respect others’ rights and properties.





    1.     Log off/shutdown following the designated procedures.

    2.    Leave the workstation clean and in proper order.

    3.    Place textbooks in assigned area.

    4.    Place handouts in assigned area.

    5.    Log off ONLY when instructed by the teacher.

    6.    Remain in your assigned seat or area until prompted to leave class.

    7.    After the bell rings, wait for the teacher to dismiss you.

    8.    Push your chair in before leaving the computer lab.

    9.    Please leave the room in a quiet and orderly manner.



    1.     Check your workstation at the beginning of class.  Any problems or changes MUST be reported to the teacher at this time.  Your workstation is expected to be neat and clean at all times.

    2.    You will access stored data from a Cloud Drive rather than use storage devices (CD’s, jump/flash/travel/USB drives/SD CARDS) in the lab.

    3.    Food, drinks, candy, or gum remain outside the lab (with the exception of lunch boxes which will remain under the desk)

    4.    Hair brushes, combs, picks, cosmetics, perfume/cologne, lotion, etc. remain in backpacks/purses.  These items will be taken up.

    5.    Remain at designated station unless directed otherwise.

    6.    Courtesy and cooperation are expected with other students and teacher at all times.


    Tardy Policy


    See Student Handbook / Planner for school policy. 




    Access to the Internet is made available to students of Germantown Middle School. The goal is to promote educational excellence by facilitating research, resources sharing, innovation and communication. The Internet is to be used in support of research and education consistent with the educational objectives of Germantown Middle School and Madison County School District.



    1.     Students are allowed on the Internet only with the teacher’s permission. This includes instant messaging, chat rooms, and email.

    2.    Students are allowed to download ANYTHING only with permission from the teacher.

    3.    Students will only be allowed to listen to music with the approval of the teacher.

    4.    Students are allowed to play only approved games on the computer / Internet only with permission from the teacher.

    5.    Students will use proper netiquette.

    6.    Students will keep any personal information off any website.

    7.    Students are allowed to change video or audio settings only with permission from the teacher.

    8.    Students are allowed to change or install screen savers OR desktop backgrounds only with permission from the teacher.

    9.    Students are allowed to add, change, or move icons on the desktop only with permission from the teacher.



    1.   Make-up work is YOUR responsibility and is due within the number of days absent from class plus 1.

    2.    Check Canvas each day for your assignments.

    3.    Lab work missed due to absence can be made up during zero block or at home.


    MATERIALS NEEDED FOR Cyber Foundations:

    1.     Notebook paper

    2.    Pen (Please use pens that are blue or black! Mechanical or Lead Pencils are for other classes only)

    3.    Folder with three prongs or section of a binder or binder

    4.    Ear buds/Headphones are REQUIRED daily

    5. Gel pens or colored pencils 

    6. Pencil Sharpener recommended if you will be using colored pencils


    Computer lab Discipline Ladder Policy

    Steps & Infraction(s)

    Step 1 – Student Warning

    Step 2 – Student Conference

    Step 3 – Parent Contact / Classroom Intervention

    Step 4 - Minor Referral Form and/or Parent Contact

    Step 5 – Major Office Referral (Student will be placed on Administrative Discipline Ladder )

    Any infraction after Step 5 –  Major Office Referral (Continues on the Administrative Discipline Ladder)


    Notice:  Depending on the intensity of the action (for example but not limited to – violence, profanity, theft, etc.) Steps 1 through 4 may be skipped.  Please be aware that if this occurs, parents will be contacted.