• CLASS OF 2021
    Simply send @ghsmav2021 to 81010 for updates from the Counseling office
     *We highly recommend signing up for this text message service, this will be the main way we communicate with our Seniors and their families.

    End of year dates and deadlines for Seniors:
    Video with reminders:
    Place your order online:  www.gradservicesmstn.com
    Everyone must at least order a cap & gown
    Senior Awards Day - Wednesday, May 12
    Senior exams - Thursday, May 13 and Friday, May 14
    Make-up exams - Monday, May 17 and Tuesday, May 18
    ALL final grades are due by the end of the school day on Tuesday, May 18, 2020
    Graduation: Saturday, May 22 at 6pm - MS Coliseum

    • GHS is hosting a Virtual FAFSA Day on November 12.  Click here to learn more:  FAFSA DAY
    • Click here for more information regarding how to earn FOUR free ACT tests!  ACT waivers


    October 1 is the first day senior students can begin to complete the FAFSA:  https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa
    Free money from the state of Mississippi:  https://riseupms.com/state-aid/
    If you are currently taking college classes while in high school, or are a community/junior college student planning to transfer to a 4-year college/university in Mississippi or a student planning to transfer between universities, the above website will be very helpful.   

    The Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (MATT) will keep you on track to transfer by walking you through the 8-step transfer process. MATT can assist you to understand whether courses offered at one institution will be accepted for transfer credit at a partner institution, consider degree/major and institutions you want to transfer into, build a personal Transfer Guide, and obtain information relating to application deadlines, financial aid opportunities, transfer policies and other critical information. 
    This school year we will be introducing a new source of communication between students and the GHS counselors. Administration has placed a black box (It looks similar to a mailbox) between the library and the art hallway. This box is called the “WE CARE” box. It is designed to be a confidential source of communication for students to report to the Counselor’s Office other students who are in need, a danger to themselves or others, or other concerns. Concerns placed in the box are taken very seriously—please only make a report if you have a legitimate concern! Reports can be made anonymously; however, it is very helpful to have the name of the person reporting the information in the event further information is needed. If you have a legitimate concern about another student, please fill out one of the yellow WE CARE forms located in the folder on the outside of the mailbox and drop it inside the box. The box will be checked in a timely manner. 

    The Mississippi Department of Education Student Advisory Council: The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) is currently inviting students in 11thor 12thgrades to apply for selection to the State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council. The term is a 2 year term, and the Council’s purpose is to provide a forum for Mississippi’s students to offer diverse perspectives to the State Superintendent of Education. The selected students will act as liaisons between MDE and public school students from across the state. Council meetings will be held twice a year (fall and spring). Applications are due by September 13, 2019. To access the application, please visit: http://www.mdek12.org/SSE/Student-Advisory-Council.

    American Legion Boys State’s application is now open. Boys State is looking for current Junior and Senior boys who have strong academic and leadership experience. They are also looking for a well-rounded student who demonstrates good character, courage, cooperativeness, and physical fitness. Boys State will be held on the University of Mississippi’s campus in Oxford, MS, this summer during the week of May 30th-June 5th. Deadline to apply is May 7th. During this week, participants will spend the week learning about functions of government while also creating their own mock government. It also includes various sports, a mock trial program, a broadcast and print media program, etc. The program also offers various scholarships to students who participate. For more information and how to apply, please visit their website: https://www.msboysstate.com/apply.
    Students will meet one-on-one every January with a guidance counselor to choose their courses for the upcoming school year. Students are urged to take their course selection process VERY seriously. Get maximum information for their decisions at this time since changing  selections after the fact will be very difficult. GHS counselors will review the choices, check prerequisites and consider graduation requirements as well as college requirements.  Failure to choose the correct course could result in frustration for students later!  And please remember, Early Dismissal for Seniors is NOT a guarantee!


    Madison County has a NO DROP POLICY on scheduled classes.  Absolutely no change of schedules will be made except for administrative/academic purposes.



    Click here for a wonderful resource for high school seniors:get2college
    Having trouble choosing a college?  help! 
    How to choose your college major:  major 
    Colleges in the state of Mississippi contact information:  Colleges  
    College application organizer:  organizer

    Another way to communicate with our students and their families is through newsletters. These newsletters offer important test dates, scholarships, upcoming events and other pertinent information. Seniors are issued newsletters once a month at the beginning of the month. Extra copies are always available in the Counselor’s Office and on www.ghsmavs.com, click on the "Counselor's" tab and then the "Newsletters" tab.



    All report cards and progress reports will be given to students child during homeroom.  Parents, it might be helpful if sure you write down the dates and ask your child for the report when he/she gets home! The final report card in May will be mailed to the student's address on file. Therefore, if your mailing address has changed, please come by the Counselor's office to provide the appropriate residency information.



    Parents, anytime you want to meet with your child's teachers, please do not hesitate to contact your child's counselor. She will set up a time for you to meet with them before school or after school. Don't forget we encourage you to stay in close contact with your child's teachers via telephone or e-mail as well!


    You may now access your student’s weekly class averages, attendance, schedule and school news information by setting upan Active Parent Online account.  Forms are available in the GHS Counselor’s Office or may be faxed to you upon your request.  The form must be completed, signed and returned to GHS.  Return faxed forms are accepted. You must provide a username which is your last name and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. In addition, you must provide a password which must include at least 4 alpha and at least 2 numeric characters which may be in any order. Once a completed form is received, your account will be established and you can access your student’s information by logging on to www.madison-schools.com and selecting the SAM for Parents link,or by going to www.madison-schools.com and selecting the SAM Database link.

    Please fill out the registration form and return it to GHS or you may fax your form to 601-859-0389. 


    Please refer to the "Transcripts" tab for a link to our online request

    For students who have already graduated: upon written request, a student's transcript will be sent to any designated agency, college or school. The student must request, upon graduation, that a final transcript be sent to the agency or college of his/her choice. Transcript request should be sent to Jana Combes in the Counselor’s Office of Germantown High School, 409 Calhoun Parkway, Madison, MS 39110. All request must include the following information: name of the student at the time of attendance, date of graduation or date last attended, date of birth, address to mail transcript, number of copies, date of request, a telephone number to reach person requesting the information, and a signature.

    For current GHS students: As a part of the admissions process, most colleges require a 7 semester and/or complete official 8 semester transcript. The transcript contains all the high school semester grades and ACT or SAT test scores. It is the student's responsibility to request, in writing, that a transcript be sent. You or your child can request a transcript simply by filling out a form in the Counselor’s Office. No requests via phone or e-mail please.  Seniors, be sure you apply to the college or university BEFORE sending them a transcript. Also, if you need your current GPA added to your transcript, please let us know. Adding your GPA is not standard procedure until graduation.

    Please allow 72 hours minimum for transcript requests to be processed.  


    We realize you will have numerous questions throughout your senior year. Your counselors do their very best to keep you up to date on what you should be doing throughout the school year. Listed below is information we feel like you need to know regarding policies and procedures at Germantown High School. 


    Like the essay, teacher or counselor recommendations are another important part of the college application. When so many qualified students are competing for relatively few slots, the admissions office needs more than grades and test records to help them make their decisions. With this in mind, follow these guidelines when requesting teacher recommendations.

    1.Request recommendations as soon as possible. September is not too early.Remember, teachers receive many requests and if you wait too long, the quality of your recommendation could suffer.

    2.Ask for recommendations from a teacher you have had in previous years. A teacher who has had you for only a month or two this fall does not have enough information to accurately evaluate you.

    3.If you know what you are going to major in, try to match the recommendation with the appropriate subject teacher, e.g. Engineering-math teacher,pre-med-science teacher, communications-English teacher.

    4.Most importantly, ask teachers who know you well and in whose class you have been successful. Did you have an impact on the intellectual life of the class and did you contribute in terms of effort, interest, responsibility and reliability?

    5.Typically you will only need a recommendation from your guidance counselor and 1 or 2 teachers. Please limit your requests to a maximum of 2 classroom teachers.

    6.  Please, please DO NOT wait until the last minute to ask for a letter of recommendation. Allow at least one week for your recommender to complete your letter.

    7.  Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your recommender.

    8.  If your recommender returns the recommendation letter to you, please do not open the envelope if it is sealed.



    NO COLLEGE VISIT DAYS WILL BE ALLOWED IN AUGUST OR MAY.  Also, please avoid any 9 weeks or semester exam times.

    Students who are classified as seniors will be permitted two excused college days during their senior year.  These visits should be used during the months of September through April. Students are encouraged to call the Office of Admissions of the college/university, in which they plan to visit,and set up an appointment time.  Once a date is obtained, students should submit a request in writing one week prior to the scheduled visit (see sample form below).  Forms can be picked up from the Counselor’s Office.  In order for the absence to be excused, the student must present a signed college visitation form upon his return to school. Visitation forms are generally available on all college campuses.  This visitation form must be on the college’s letterhead and include the student’s name and date of attendance signed by a school official.  A college day absence will not count against exam exemption.  

    The College Visit Day policy is as stated:

    1.        As stated in the Madison County Schools High School    Handbook, “students who are classified as seniors will be permitted two excused college days during their senior year.  Students wishing to make a college visit should submit a request in writing one week prior to the scheduled visit”.  GHS seniors need to pick up a college visitation form from the Counselor’s Office; have a parent fill it out and sign it; and return it to his/her counselor according to the above time frame.  

         2.        While the student in on campus visiting, it is his responsibility to acquire a note on official college letterhead that states that he/she actually did attend.  This note must be brought to the counselor.  The counselor will keep the official letter from the college, place the school seal on a copy and return it to the student.
    **A list of all college recruiter visits to GHS can also be found on this site along with upcoming events on their campus**


    Germantown is often notified of various scholarship opportunities.  There are several ways in which we distribute this information to you:

    ·        Scholarships are listed on the GHS Counselor website for the duration of the scholarship.

    ·        Scholarships are listed in the Senior monthly newsletters.  Newsletters are also posted on our website (www.madison-schools.com), click on counselors then click on newsletters.

    ·        The GHS Counseling Office can text you directly with all scholarship opportunities.  Please refer to the top of this page for more information.



    Not only do we recommend keeping up with scholarships through the Counselor’s Office, but there are a few other ways to find scholarships. 

    ·        The internet is a wonderful tool for scholarship searches.  Again, beware of anyone asking for a fee.

    ·        Ask your individualcollege/university.  Be sure you understand what is expected of you to be eligible for scholarships from that school.  A meeting with their Office ofAdmissions or Financial Aid Office can be very beneficial. 



    Due to the magnitude of our student data base, Germantown can only calculate and distribute GPA and Class Rank to Seniors. Seniors should expect to receive their six semester GPA and Class Rank in September and their seven semester GPA and Class Rank in January.  They will receive their final eight semester GPA and class rank at graduation practice, which will be held the day before their graduation ceremony.   


    Please remember:  Most academic scholarships are based on GPA and ACT score.  Colleges do not base their academic scholarships on our cumulative GPA that is distributed to the students.  The colleges base their scholarships on their core GPA.  Each school’s core GPA is different.  We recommend that you contact your college of choice to determine what they consider core classes.



    A transcript is a permanent record of your academic career.  It includes class taken, grades received, and academic test results. Basically, all you have to do is fill out a Transcript Request Form in the Counselor’s Office . Request cannot be phoned in, e-mailed or faxed.  All colleges must have a copy of your transcript in order to be accepted.  A transcript is unofficial unless sent directly from GHS Counselor’s Office. Once a transcript request is submitted, transcripts are mailed within two days.   



    Typically, just prior to the Senior Day Awards ceremony seniors are asked to fill out their Final Transcript Request Form. This will tell our registrar where to send their transcript if attending Summer School after graduation and where to send the transcript for Fall college admissions.