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    E-mail address:  trish.rhodes@madison-schools.com
    School Phone Number 601-898-7710 ext.1934

    Welcome Message

    Welcome to Pathways!  We strive for a qualitatively different classroom in which we focus on higher-order, critical, and creative process skills necessary for your gifted child to reach his or her potential.

    About the Teacher

    I am an experienced teacher, somewhat of a pioneer in gifted education.  I began teaching in the early '80s when gifted was relatively new.  I started out as a high school science teacher, and serendipitously found my way to the gifted classroom.  I love children and the gifted program. I am dedicated to the success of your child.  I want to inspire and encourage each student to fulfill their goals and potential.

     Please feel free to add your input or ask your questions!  I believe parents are a wonderful source for a successful teacher.


    Madison County Pathways Philosophy:

    "We believe that effective instruction for intellectually gifted students is created in an environment that not only permits learners to interact with their intellectual peers, but also nurtures self-directed learning, flexibility, decision making, thinking skills, and divergent thinking.  This environment nurtures both the cognitive (thinking) and affective (social and emotional) needs of the intellectually gifted learners, and encourages them to become life-long, imaginative, autonomous learners."

    Mission Statement:
    " The mission of the Madison County School District's PAthways Program is to offer to intellectually gifted learners those differentiated learning experiences which will meet their special needs and encourage growth."