• E-mail Updates (Subscribing to Teacher Pages)


    The district and school Web sites allow you to subscribe to pages. In doing so, you can receive e-mail when those pages are updated.  After you have received an e-mail confirmation of your account being created, you may follow the steps below to subscribe to your chosen content.


    1. Access the school or district Web site.

    2. Create an account.  Click Register in the upper-right side of the window  OR  Click Sign In in the upper-right side of the window. Then enter your log-in information.

    3. Edit your profile. Click My Account in the upper-right side of the window.  From the pop-up menu, select Edit Account Settings.

    4. Update personal information (if necessary).

      • General tab.  This tab contains your name, title, and username.  You may change your username if you wish.

      • Contact tab.  This tab contains your e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address.  Please note this information isn't transmitted to the schools.  Please make sure the school has your current contact information for report cards, phone calls, etc.

      • Alerts tab.  Currently, it isn't necessary to complete the information in this tab.  Our phone system will use the number provided to the school.  Please make sure the school has your current phone number.

      • Subscriptions tab.  This tab enables e-mail updates ("E-Alerts").  More information is listed below.

    5. Manage your E-Alert subscriptions.

      1. Select the Subscriptions tab.

      2. Select the Manage Subscriptions button.

      3. If you wish, you may select a school site and skip to step 7.  However, if you would like to subscribe to specific teachers/sections, please move to step 4.

      4. Select "Other Areas of Interest".

      5. In the first drop list, select the appropriate school.  The information beneath this drop list will refresh to show the content for the selected school.
      6. Select "Search".
      7. Scroll through the list or Select "Teachers" form All Channels drop list then select the appropriate teachers/sections .

      8. Click the "I'm Done" button.

    6. Update your password.  If you would like to change your password, you will notice a Change Password button under the General tab.

    7. E-mail delivery. You have completed the steps necessary to subscribe to school and/or district content. You will receive e-mail when the content has been updated and the web page author (e.g., your child's teacher) issues an e-mail alert.

    Special Notes

    1. You may modify your subscriptions at any time by using these same instructions.

    2. Please ensure you update your profile if your e-mail address changes.

    3. If the author (e.g., teacher) of the page content doesn’t issue an e-mail alert, you will not receive e-mails.