• E-mail settings for your iPhone

    New Email System

    • Select "Settings"
    • Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

    • Select "Add Account"

    • Select "Microsoft Exchange"

    • Type your e-mail address.
    • Type your password

    • Modify the Description if desired.  For example, "Exchange" vs. "MCS E-mail" vs. "Student E-mail" etc.

    • Select "Next" and wait for the account to be verified.

    • Select the features to synchronize.  If you synchronize the calendar and contacts, it will erase what's currently stored on the phone.  Once the information is gone, it can't be restored.

    • After making sure it's safe to synchronize the data, select "Save"

    • Wait for the data to sync.  

    Depending on the number of contacts, etc., it may take a while to complete.