• E-mail settings for your iPhone

    Set up your New Email System

    • Select "Settings"
    • Select "Mail"
    • Select "Accounts"
    • Select "Add Account"
    • Select "Microsoft Exchange"
    • Enter "District Email Address" and modify the "Description" if desired.  For example, "Exchange" vs. "MCS E-mail" vs. "Student E-mail" etc.
    • Select "Sign in"
    • Type "District Email Address" and "Password"
    • Complete User and Password MFA process

    Select the features to synchronize.  If you synchronize the calendar and contacts, it will erase what's currently stored on the phone.  Once the information is gone, it can't be restored.

    After making sure it's safe to synchronize the data, select "Save"

    • Wait for the data to sync.  

    Depending on the number of contacts, etc., it may take a while to complete.