• PTO Membership/Parking Early Bird

    Parents who wish to join the PTO and purchase their student’s parking early will begin on Friday, July 22. 

     •Seniors – Friday, July 22, 11:59pm

    •Juniors – Saturday, July 23, Noon

    •Sophomores – Saturday, July 23, 11:59pm

    •Freshman – Sunday, July 24, Noon

    Students will receive an email to their school email with a link to purchase their PTO membership and parking spot.

    You follow that one link to join PTO and purchase the pass at the same time.

    Students use a computer to pick their spot (not a phone) and follow all instructions on the site.

    ***If you do not see the email at your appointed time, check your Clutter/Other folder. ***


    Information needed on hand when purchasing:

    •Student Driver’s License  (must have a valid license, not a permit)

    •Car Make/Model/Tag

    •Parent's email address

    Joining the PTO at this time allows early access to the purchase of their parking spot and early bird access to their schedules through ActiveStudent.

    The link to purchase will be available in their student email after the date/time listed for their class.

    At NOON, Tuesday, July 26, students will no longer be required to join the PTO to purchase a parking spot, however, they will NOT have access to their schedules during the early bird time.

    After that time, they will have to use the Membership Only purchase site to be granted this ability.


    •Joining the PTO for early schedule release  - NO PARKING PASS•

    If a parent wishes to join the PTO WITHOUT purchasing a parking spot, use this link https://ghsmavspto2022.eventbrite.com


    ***You must join by noon on July 27th in order to receive your child's schedule early. ***



    *You have to turn in this form when picking up your parking pass. A parent/guardian signature is required*

    Click here  Drug Consent Form




    All of the info wrapped up pretty in an infographic below :)

    Parking Pass