• Germantown Middle School


    Meeting the needs of the intellectually gifted learner requires differential treatments both in curriculum and in instructional patterns of delivery.  Because the intellectually gifted learner has special needs in both cognitive and affective areas, the curriculum focuses on both these areas.  In working with both the Mississippi Department of Education's Suggested Outcomes for Intellectually Gifted; The Mississippi Gifted Education Programs Program Standards; and the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children's Recommended Curricular Elements, the PAthways Program will implement the following framework:

    "Pathways" is Madison County School District's program for intellectually gifted students in grades 2-8.  It is a state-mandated program which provides a differentiated curriculum to those students identified as intellectually gifted.  Students attend PAthways for a minimum of five hours each week.  Middle school students who qualify may select PAthways as an elective.  Elementary students who qualify are pulled from their regular classes each week to participate in the PAthways program.

    Program Goals

    ·  To provide students with those activities which emphasize the process of learning rather than content; divergent thinking rather than convergent; exploration of ideas through creative problem solving; and reasoning skills

    ·  To provide students with a diversity of learning experiences, including instructional methods, materials, and activities

    ·  To provide opportunities for the students to grow in their understanding of themselves and others


    Gifted Outcomes 



    Thinking Skills
    Information Literacy






    Mississippi Department of Education - Gifted Programs