• AP Exam Registration


    2023 - 2024 AP EXAMS
    (May 6 - May 17)

    1. You must have an active account on the College Board website (www.collegeboard.org) and register through the College Board website no later than Friday, September 22.  This will be done in class using teacher-provided join codes.  NOTE:  IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED THROUGH THE COLLEGE BOARD WEBSITE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE ANY AP EXAMS THIS SCHOOL YEAR.

    2. Complete and submit paperwork in the front office and submit payment online only through  MySchoolBucks.com  during the window of September 18 - November 1.  Click HERE for a Form to complete.  Forms will also be available in the front office beginning September 18.

    3. This ordering window is only for students currently enrolled in year-long and first-semester only courses.  There will be a separate ordering window in February 2024 that will pertain ONLY to AP courses that BEGIN in January 2024.

    4. As a reminder, MCSD is providing one AP Exam free of charge to all students that are enrolled in at least one AP course during the 2023-24 school year.  (NOTE:  THE PAPERWORK AVAILABLE IN THE FRONT OFFICE MUST BE COMPLETED, EVEN IF THE ONLY EXAM BEING TAKEN IS THE FREE EXAM PROVIDED BY MCSD.)