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    B a s k e t b a l l 
    At Home Strength and Flexibility Worksouts
    All players need to get active in the absense of our school sports block.  Players need to exercise each day
    (if you are healthy and safe) to maintain strength and flexibility.
    (1) Go to www.bowflex.com/blog/workouts
    (2) Click Health/Fitness Tips..... then choose Workout Videos
    (3) Use the search bar for the following videos:
    Strength - 5 of Easiest Exercises you can do at home (4/16/16 , 2:04 time video)
    We will do 4 sets of 10 with arms and 4 sets of 15 with abs/legs
    Flexibility - 5 Minute Full Body Stretch (12/16/16, 5:32 time video)
    Cardio - Place a plastic cup on ground and jump over and back with both feet as many times as
    possible in 60 seconds.  Do 3 sets
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