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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DreamBox Learning?
    DreamBox Learning is a mathematics program that our students can use to work on math that is a "just right" fit for their skill level. DreamBox will automatically adjust the lessons students receive based on how they do on previous lessons. If a student struggles with a particular skill, the program will recognize that and offer a lesson that will support learning that skill. If a student is doing particularly well, DreamBox will continue moving them forward.

    How does my student get on DreamBox?
    Students can access DreamBox by scanning their Clever badge and clicking on the DreamBox logo on their home page or their teacher's page. You can get your student's Clever badge from their teacher. (Tip: Tape the badge somewhere you can't lose it, like the side of a fridge or your student's school folder.)

    Where are my student's lessons?
    Once your student logs in to their account, they'll have the choice to pick an area to explore. It may take a few clicks to get set up on their adventure, but then they will see games inside little circles on a path that they can click to play. Since DreamBox is adaptive, it will automatically provide activities and games that are the best fit for your student.

    Where can I see my student's assignments?
    Occasionally, your student's teacher may assign specific content for your student to work on. This may be something they're working on in class or a previous skill that needs to be reviewed. These activities can also be found along the path and are marked with a blue badge with a star or calendar inside it. It is recommended that your student complete 1-2 assignments (when applicable) before choosing one of the other activities.

    Why does it look like my student is just playing games?
    DreamBox has "gamified" most of its lessons because it's more enjoyable to play while you learn. When our students enjoy what they're doing, they're more likely to understand and absorb the mathematical skills they're practicing as they play. And just think - wouldn't you have enjoyed learning math by playing games when you were a child? 

    How can I help my student while they're working on DreamBox?
    Due to the adaptive nature of DreamBox, it's best if family members do NOT help their student with the lessons. While you can certainly help them understand the question being asked and how to use some of the manipulatives, helping them with the content may signal to the program that they're ready for harder content. If your student is struggling with a lesson, try encouraging them to try their best, and let them know that it's okay to get something wrong. This helps DreamBox find the right lessons for your student.

    How much time should my student spend on DreamBox?
    DreamBox recommends students complete 5 lessons a week, which is about 45-60 minutes a week in Kindergarten - 2nd Grade. Studies show that students who complete 5+ lessons a week grow faster than students who complete fewer than 5 lessons a week. Students may have opportunities to work on DreamBox in their classroom, or teachers may assign it for homework occasionally.

    Can I see what my student is doing on DreamBox?
    Yes! There is a family dashboard that you can set up to see what your student is working on and how they're doing on mastering grade-level standards. In order to set up Parent (Family) Access, follow these steps:

    1. Have your student login to their DreamBox account.
    2. Look at the right-hand corner all the way at the bottom and click the blue words that say "Set up parent access".
    3. Follow the directions for setting up your access by entering your email address and a password.
    4. You can add multiple students to your account by repeating this process with each student's account.
    5. To login to your Family Dashboard in the future, simply go to https://play.dreambox.com/play

    I have more questions. Who do I contact?
    Your student's teacher can probably answer your questions, but you can also contact your school's Math Specialist with any questions you have!

    Madison Avenue's Math Specialist
    Robyn May