• Green Named Principal of Velma Jackson High School


    Madison County Schools is proud to announce Ms. Perry Green as the next principal of Velma Jackson High School. This role is a natural fit for Ms. Green who has served as assistant principal at the high school since 2014.

    Ms. Green began working as an educator in 1998 and has served as a teacher, instructional specialist, and assistant principal. She is a lifelong learner, having earned her master’s degree in 2001 followed by her Education Specialist degree in 2009. “With her vast knowledge of education and leadership experience, we have full confidence that Ms. Green will lead the Falcons to continued success,” says Madison County Schools Superintendent Charlotte Seals.

    "It is an honor to receive the mantle of principal of Velma Jackson High School. My main objective is to continue to move the mark for Velma. It is my belief that every student deserves a quality education and that happens when the school, parents and students work together for success.  I anticipate a productive school year as we ensure that our students reach their highest academic potential,” says Ms. Green.

    Velma Jackson High School is home to grades nine through twelve in the Falcon Zone of Madison County Schools. Velma Jackson provides numerous opportunities for students to thrive in a variety of academic subjects, competitive athletic teams, visual arts, music programs, the model Academy of Multimedia, and more. Ms. Green’s predecessor, Mr. Brendon Bell, is stepping away from the role of lead principal due to health concerns.

    Ms. Green will begin serving as principal of Velma Jackson High School on July 1, 2022.