• FYI: This course counts as a Carnegie Unit, which means that it counts towards your GPA (Grade Point Average). 

    All announcements will be communicated via School Status. 


    Your binder needs to have TWO dividers:

    1. Notes

    2. MVP Practice



    7th Grade Math Calculator: Four-Function

    Victor 700 basic four function solar calculator - Set of 20

    8th Grade Math Calculator: TI-30XIIS

    This calculator is MANDATORY to purchase if you do not purchase the TI-84. 

    Algebra I Calculator: TI-84 Plus (Graphing Calculator)

    The TI-84 Plus calculator is OPTIONAL to purchase. I will have a classroom set. This calculator is allowed on the ACT if you would like to invest in this calculator now. We will also be using Desmos, a free online embedded graphing calculator.