What is Dreambox?

  • Dreambox is a math program used in elementary and middle schools to help students fill in foundational "gaps" in math.

    Dreambox is set up in a game format, so it is fun and inviting for students. It is recommended that students have a minimum of 60 minutes of focused work time per week on the program in order to see growth. Every student has an individualized learning path within their own login and password. There are many options for your students to choose from a topic to focus on within the "game". To be successful, students will need to have the volume turned up or headphones when listening to the guidance from the program.

    At Camden, each child has a goal of completing a minimum of 5 lessons on Dreambox per week. We have monthly celebrations at the beginning of the month for students who have met their goal each week for the previous month. :) 

    You are more than welcome to allow students to use Dreambox at home or after school hours! Please allow students to complete lessons independently-- only supporting students when they need further explanation. We want to see what the students know and watch the students grow. 


    If you have specific questions or would like to know more, please click the link below to take you to the Dreambox website. 

    Dreambox Website